Gyros Protein Technologies and Cygnus Technologies have joined forces to deliver a range of industry-standard, ready-to-use bioprocess impurity reagent sets optimized for use with the Gyrolab platform

Improve bioprocess impurity analytics with fast, low sample volume, microfluidic immunoassay solutions.


HEK 293 HCP Solution for Gyrolab®

The ready-to-use HEK293 HCP Solution for Gyrolab consists of the HEK 293 HCP Assay Reagent Set for Gyrolab from Cygnus, designed and validated for use with Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 HC Assay ToolboxHigh quality host cell protein (HCP) quantification from sample volumes of less than 10 μL can be determined in about an hour.

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EndonucleaseGTP® Solution for Gyrolab®

The EndonucleaseGTP Solution for Gyrolab allows the sensitive detection of residual endonuclease impurities, including genetically engineered endonucleases such as Benzonase® Nuclease and Denarase®. The solution consists of  EndonucleaseGTP® Assay Reagent Set for Gyrolab from Cygnus Technologies  and Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 HC Assay Toolbox.

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CHO HCP 3G Solution for Gyrolab®

The ready-to-use CHO HCP 3G Solution for Gyrolab determines HCP contamination in products manufactured by expression in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines. The solution consists of CHO HCP 3G Assay Reagent Set for Gyrolab from Cygnus Technologies and Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 HC Assay Toolbox.

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High-throughput, automated analysis of viral vector titer and process related impurities accelerates downstream process development of AAV based gene therapies


Learn how 2 viral vector titers and 3 impurities were analyzed in one single run on Gyrolab platform

Go beyond expectations in viral vector analytics, cell and gene therapy process development and quality control


In this webinar you will hear from three independent speakers how the automated Gyrolab immunoassay platform can help break barriers in AAV viral vector analytics by increasing throughput and productivity, improving analytical data quality, shortening data-driven decision making in process optimization and supporting transfer to a GMP regulated environment