Product number: P0021006

The Gyrolab® Mouse IFN-gamma Kit enables quantification of murine IFN-gamma in serum samples on Gyrolab automated immunoassay systems.  

Gyrolab Mouse IFN-gamma Kits are rigorously validated for accurate and reproducible quantification of murine IFN-gamma in mouse serum with high sensitivity, large dynamic range, and high specificity. The Gyrolab Mouse IFN-gamma Kit contains all reagents, standard, buffers, and Bioaffy 4000 CD required for 1 CD run (96 data points). 

Assay Performance: 
LOD:   <2.0 pg/mL 
LLOQ:  4 pg/mL 
ULOQ:  1600 pg/mL 
Sample volume (duplicate data points):  12 µL  
Assay run time (1 CD):  90 minutes 

*Kit Reagents also available and provide assay flexibility for use with other Bioaffy CD types (requiring assay development).  

GRAPH: A typical example of recombinant mouse IFN-gamma standard curve obtained on a Gyrolab Bioaffy 4000 CD from a Gyrolab run. Each standard sample was analyzed in triplicate. 


Ordering information

Ordering information

Gyrolab Mouse IFN-gamma Kit

The kit includes 1 CD and all reagents and consumables togenerate 96 datapoints. P0021006


The following products can also be purchased separately:

Gyrolab Mouse IFN-gamma Standard

Standard for spiking experiments, 80 000 pg/mL, 100 µL. P0021011

Gyrolab Mouse IFN-gamma Kit Reagents

Includes capture and detect reagents, and standard required to generate 96 datapoints (1 CD). P0021001

Gyrolab Biomarker Sample Dilution Buffer 2

Extra sample dilution buffer, 25 mL P0021013

Gyrolab Bioaffy 4000 CD

1 Gyrolab Bioaffy CD microlaboratory, 4000 nL sample volume, 96 microstructures. P0020705



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