Faster immunoassays throughout cell and gene therapy development

Immunoassays are an essential analytical tool used throughout the development and manufacturing of cell and gene therapies to evaluate viral vector titers and process impurities. The two most commonly used vehicles for delivery of gene therapies into mammalian cells are adeno-associated virus (AAV) and lentiviral vectors, and consequently AAV titer and lentiviral titer ELISA assays are commonly developed for this purpose. However, lengthy assay development and sample analysis times using traditional ELISA methods often cause delays in program schedules. 

The use of robust immunoassay platforms for analysis in gene therapy development can streamline production. The automated Gyrolab® platform significantly reduces time to results, sample volume, and improves data quality for AAV- and lentivirus-based gene therapy immunoassays during development, and is ideally suited for compressed cell and gene therapy development timelines.

Gyrolab® reagents

Gyrolab ready-to-use kits and solutions have been optimized for best assay performance and include everything needed to perform miniaturized immunoassays in a plug-and-play format on all Gyrolab systems.

Gyrolab AAVX Titer Kit

Gyrolab® AAVX Titer Kit

Ready-to-use Gyrolab kit for determination of AAV serotypes 1-8 and 10 viral particles in samples of AAV viral vectors for cell and gene therapies.

Gyrolab AAV9 Titer Kit

Gyrolab® AAV9 Titer Kit

Ready-to-use Gyrolab kit for determination of AAV serotype 9 total viral particles in samples of AAV9 viral vectors for cell and gene therapies.

Gyrolab p24 Kit

Gyrolab® p24 Kit

Ready-to-use Gyrolab kit for quantification of p24 protein for lentivirus titer determination.

HEK293 HCP Solution for Gyrolab

HEK 293 HCP Solution for Gyrolab®

Ready-to-use Gyrolab Solution for detection of HCPs from HEK 293 cells.

EndonucleaseGTP Solution for Gyrolab

EndonucleaseGTP® Solution for Gyrolab®

Ready-to-use Gyrolab Solution for quantification of endonuclease impurities. 

Gyrolab Generic Anti-AAV Kit

Gyrolab® Generic Anti-AAV Kit

Ready-to-use kit enables detection of binding antibodies against AAV vectors without the need for serotype-specific assays. 

Gyrolab® Systems

Gyrolab Systems are reliable and precise walk-away automated immunoassay systems that give you and your team the agility to develop immunoassays more quickly with minimal hands-on time, accelerating every phase of biotherapeutic product development.

The systems are a powerful tool for increasing productivity, generating reproducible data, and making data-driven decisions faster.

Gyrolab xPlore

  • Generates up to 112 high-quality data points within an hour
  • Offers an easy transition to Gyrolab xPand as your needs grow

Gyrolab xPand

Gyrolab xPand people
  • Generates up to 560 high-quality data points within 5 hours
  • Cooling of samples and reagents
Gyrolab custom assay service

Customized assay services

Eliminate workflow bottlenecks by letting our highly experienced scientists optimize your assays for the Gyrolab® platform.

Gyrolab assay protocols (1)

Gyrolab assay protocols

Accelerate development of commonly used immunoassays, with ready-to-use and robust Gyrolab assay protocols.

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