Advancing peptide synthesis & purification

Scholars and scientists worldwide trust Gyros Protein Technologies for transformational peptide synthesis solutions.

Driving accuracy and flexibility in peptide synthesis solutions

Manage a wide range of synthesis scales and workflows with configurations and functionality that meet your research needs.


PurePep Chorus

PurePep® Chorus

Modular, scalable configuration


Symphony X

Symphony® X

Functionality of 24 synthesizers in one


PurePep Sonata+

PurePep® SONATA®+

Mid-pilot scale


Cutting through the noise of green peptide chemistry

Join us for a revealing webinar on the future of peptide therapeutics! Discover how green chemistry shapes the industry. Learn from experts and revolutionize your peptide manufacturing process! 

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green chemistry

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“We can produce more and get results quicker while maintaining our high quality standard.”

Fueling R&D breakthroughs

Our peptide synthesizers accelerate research in some of the most critical applications in the fields of science and medicine.