Quality Reagents

  • Amino Acids, Solvents, Start-Up Kits and more
  • Guaranteed weight, purity and quantity
  • All of our chemicals are 100% QC tested
  • 100% fully synthetic amino acids
  • Available in custom sizes

Instrument Performance

  • Protein Technologies‘ peptide synthesizers are optimized using our PurePep™ reagents
  • Minimize down time caused by clogs resulting from impure and unstable reagents

Better Synthesis Results

  • Synthesize your peptide correctly the first time
  • Consistent quality reduces synthesis variability
  • Improve yield and purity with high quality reagents

Available Reagents

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Pre-Packed Bottles for PurePep® Chorus®/Symphony/Prelude X

Ready to use bottles with high quality amino acids for PurePep Chorus, Symphony X , Symphony Quartet and Prelude X Peptide Synthesizers.

Bulk FMOC Amino Acids

Fmoc protected amino acids in bulk quantities.


Solid-phase peptide synthesis solvents (DCM, DMF, NMM, NMP, DEP, TFA, Wash Solvent).

Pre-Packed Tribute Vials

Ready to use vials with high quality amino acids and activator for Tribute Peptide Synthesizer.

Cleavage Kits

Cleavage/deprotection cocktails for solid phase peptide synthesis.

Pseudoproline dipeptides

Pseudoproline dipeptides for synthesis of difficult peptide sequences. Custom sizes are available on request.

Start-Up Kits

Instrument start-up kits include reagents, coupling agents and solvents (Note: solvents are not included outside US and Canada).

Pre-Packed PS3 Vials

Ready to use vials with high quality amino acids and activator for PS3 Peptide Synthesizer.

Your peptide synthesis needs are important to us. If you would like custom packaging or other special handling conditions, please send us your request at peptides@gyrosproteintech.com

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