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PurePep EasyClean (PEC) technology breaks barriers in peptide manufacturing. We designed a catch-and-release methodology based on novel traceless cleavable linker molecules (PEC-Linkers) and activated filter materials for the purification and modification of chemically synthesized peptides.

Gyros Protein Technologies manufactures these innovative PEC-Linkers and offers you the first broadly applicable peptide purification kits together with related consumables to provide you with quick access to the technology.



Available Kits

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PurePep EasyClean Starter Kit

Our Research Kit works as the perfect introduction to the world of PEC peptide purification. The Ready-to-Use package comes with PEC-Linker, cartridges pre-filled with activated filter material, and related consumables. You can choose between three formats to provide you with the ideal kit in a suitable number and scale for your purification needs.

PurePep EasyClean Auto Kit

The PurePep® EasyClean Auto Kit is your ultimate solution to automated purification of peptides in parallel. The kit package incorporates PEC-Linker, cartridges pre-filled with activated filter material, and all necessary consumables, tailored to fit with your PurePep® Chorus and Symphony X synthesizers.

PurePep EasyClean High-Throughput Kit

Our High-Throughput Kits open doors for the massive parallelization of peptide manufacturing. Create purified peptide libraries using catch-and-release purification methodologies in 48- or 96- well filter plates. The high loading capacity of the activated filter material allows you to address the preparative scale with unprecedented speed.

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Webinar recording

Recording from the xTalks webinar about orthogonal and high-throughput peptide purification now available.

Listen to the recording and understand the basic principles of orthogonal purity, the PurePep EasyClean (PEC) technology and how to engage with it easily to accelerate time to the best possible result during peptide research and drug development.

The featured speakers Dominik Sarma and Robert Zitterbart will discuss use cases for PEC-grade peptides during drug development.

PEC webinar

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