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PurePep EasyClean (PEC) technology breaks barriers in peptide manufacturing. We designed a catch-and-release methodology based on novel traceless cleavable linker molecules (PEC-Linkers) and activated filter materials for the purification and modification of chemically synthesized peptides.

Gyros Protein Technologies manufactures these innovative PEC-Linkers and offers you the first broadly applicable peptide purification kits together with related consumables to provide you with quick access to the technology.


Available Kits

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PurePep EasyClean Starter Kit

Our Research Kit works as the perfect introduction to the world of PEC peptide purification. The Ready-to-Use package comes with PEC-Linker, cartridges pre-filled with activated filter material, and related consumables. You can choose between three formats to provide you with the ideal kit in a suitable number and scale for your purification needs.

PurePep EasyClean High-Throughput Kit

Our High-Throughput Kits open doors for the massive parallelization of peptide manufacturing. Create purified peptide libraries using catch-and-release purification methodologies in 48- or 96- well filter plates. The high loading capacity of the activated filter material allows you to address the preparative scale with unprecedented speed.

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