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Faster and More Reliable Screenings with Parallel Peptide Purification

For successful peptide research, laboratories require flexible and fast manufacturing workflows to achieve reliable results.

With the right technology and processes, laboratories can work with purified peptides at any scale and throughput. 


With New Linker Technology, a New Approach to High-throughput Purification

Access to purified peptides is one key element that can ensure trusted results—or cause complications. While peptide purification has always remained a critical process in drug screening, new technology now allows for a faster, more intuitive purification method for simple and complex peptides. High throughput purification using novel catch-and-release linker technology will enable laboratories to get reliable results faster. 

More reliable assays Faster purification Greener chemistry Simpler processes
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Affordable purified peptide libraries

 Rapid purification in a 96-well format

 95% less acetonitrile consumption

One protocol even for complex peptides

Methods of the past, including conventional chromatographic purification, can take up valuable time and resources, which slows down the entire development process. Alternatively, the use of crude peptides compromises assay reliability. Both of these traditional methods continue to be bottlenecks in early-stage development. 

To meet peptide development demands, many laboratories are exploring a new approach to rapid peptide purification that delivers reliable results even with challenging purifications of modified, hydrophobic, long, or aggregating peptides. With orthogonal purification, laboratories can get results faster without sacrificing reliability. 

Webinar highlights

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more about parallel peptide purification for faster and more reliable results: 

  • Get an understanding of peptide purity and how it affects assay reliability
  • Gain an overview of current methods for parallel peptide purification
  • Understand the basics of solvent-saving catch-and-release purification chemistry 
  • Learn how catch-and-release purification works in parallel, demonstrated for simple to complex peptides and peptide libraries


Dominik Sarma
Robert Zitterbart

Dr. Dominik Sarma

Sr. Market Manager,
Mesa Germany GmbH

Dr. Robert Zitterbart

Inventor of PurePep® EasyClean (PEC) technology, 
Gyros Protein Technologies AB

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