Formed by the merger of Gyros AB (founded in 2000) and Protein Technologies, Inc. (founded in 1985), Gyros Protein Technologies AB is a leading provider of solutions for peptide synthesis and bioanalysis. Our focus is on helping scientists in academia and industry to increase biomolecule performance and productivity in research, drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development, and bioprocess applications.

The Company combines Gyros’ nanoliter-scale immunoassay expertise with Protein Technologies' -over three decades of instrument manufacturing knowhow and scientific knowledge in peptide synthesis.

With an expanded global presence of the combined Service and Sales organizations, Gyros Protein Technologies has an even stronger commitment to supporting our customers around the world to accelerate the discovery, development, and manufacturing of safer biotherapeutics. Both the Uppsala, Sweden and Tucson, Arizona centers of excellence are ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities.

Protein Technologies' History

Protein Technologies' peptide synthesizers and reagents are used in universities, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide to deliver uncompromising purity, flexibility, and quality from discovery to pre-clinical studies. With citations in 100’s of publications and use in CMO’s and CRO’s, these peptide synthesis solutions are trusted to generate the highest quality data and synthesize simple to complex multifunctional peptides.

Protein Technologies’ PS3™ was launched in 1990, and since then the portfolio has been expanded to include a variety of best-in-class solid phase peptide synthesizers: Tribute®, Prelude® X, Symphony® X, and Sonata® and PurePep® Chorus®.



Protein Technologies, Inc. (PTI) was founded in 1985 by researchers affiliated with the University of Arizona in Tucson. Our focus, for over three decades, is to manufacture the highest quality solid phase peptide synthesizers that deliver towards our core values of purity – trust – ingenuity. We measure success by enabling our customers to succeed –our dedicated Service and Support teams are committed to sharing their expertise with our customers to ensure uncompromising peptide purity.



Launch of Protein Technologies’ first peptide synthesizer, the PS3



Symphony®, the original 12 independent RVs solid-phase peptide synthesizer with ultra PurePep™ Pathway precision matrix valve block microfluidics.



Sonata®, up to 200 mmol SPPS with PurePepTM Pathway precision valve block microfluidics



Prelude® , first solid-phase peptide synthesizer to deliver Single-Shot™ and e-mail notifications.

6 parallel RVs with PurePep™ Pathway



Tribute®, first solid-phase peptide synthesizer with IntelliSynth™ Real-time UV Monitoring and IR heating.

2 parallel RVs with ultra PurePep™ Pathway.



Symphony®X, first solid-phase peptide synthesiser with 12 independent or 24 parallel RVs with ultra PurePep™ Pathway precision matrix valve block microfluidics.



Prelude®X, first solid-phase peptide synthesizer with induction heating and oscillation mixing.

Six parallel RVs with individual heat control with PurePep™ Pathway.



>500 peer reviewed papers in the last 10 years and >1,000 units installed globally, since 1985.



Gyros Protein Technologies signs distribution agreement with Luxembourg Bio Technologies for peptide synthesis reagents



PurePep® Chorus

This next generation modular peptide synthesizer, can be configured for current and future throughput, with 2, 4 or 6 RVs, heat and/or UV.



PurePep® Sonata®

Mid-Pilot Scale Peptide Synthesizer With Real-Time Flow Technology and PurePep® Pathway