Customized assay services

Gyros Protein Technologies offers customized assay services and ongoing support to remove bottlenecks and accelerate your workflows.

Reach your biologics development goals faster

Your assay will be in the hands of our highly experienced scientists who understand the best approaches to optimizing assays for Gyrolab® platform. We have assisted customers with screening conditions for buffer, capture reagent, detection reagent, CD type, and run parameters for several decades, and we are now excited to offer assay development as a service.


Overview of Custom Assay Services deliverables

  Labeling Assay Development Custom Assay Kit
Alexa 647 labeling
CoA for labeled reagents
Dilution/aliquotation to ready-to-use concentration (single use vials)
Dilution/aliquotation of standard curve to ready-to-use concentrations (in single use PCR strips)  
Detailed Instruction to Use  
Optimization of assay  
Certificate of Analysis for Assay