Gyrolab® Custom Assay Services

Gyros Protein Technologies offers the convenience of the development and manufacturing of custom kits for your assay needs. Custom assay kits are a convenient, ready-to-use solution that combines the reliable performance of Gyrolab Kits with customized solutions for your lab.

Benefits of a custom-developed kit:

  • Outsource development of assay kit, sparing internal resources
  • No assay development required before use
  • Ready-to-use kit reagents
  • Flexible configuration

We follow a multi-step process with checkpoints between each phase

A kit development workflow is tailored for each project and may include the following steps:

Custom kit development

After each phase, consultation and decisions take place to:

  • Continue according to the plan
  • Modify the assay development plan
  • Discontinue the assay development project

Adding checkpoints limits the risk of large investments of time or fees, and you are involved in every phase of the custom kit development process. By breaking the kit development into phases, we ensure communication points for feedback and approval along the kit development path.

Start the conversation about your custom kit needs: