Gyros Protein Technologies provides labeling of process-specific HCP reagents and assay optimization on Gyrolab systems. We ensure a reliable and reproducible labeling process of critical reagents, either customer-proprietary process-specific HCP reagents or generic HCP reagents from Biogenes*.

Gyrolab HCP custom labeling packages include:

  • Different vialing options and extra option for standard
  • Quality documentation (CoA) provided for labeled biomolecule

Benefits of Gyrolab HCP labeling service

  • Three different packages available to meet your needs
  • Ensure best possible results with regard to labeling, yield, and incorporation ratio
  • Experience the convenience of ready-to-use kit reagents for immediate use

Gyrolab HCP labeling packages

Combine with Gyrolab Bioaffy Assay Toolboxes or preferred Gyrolab consumables for optimal performance on the Gyrolab platform.

* BioGenes provides generic CHO, E. coli and HEK293 HCP ELISAs, and are experts in custom HCP ELISA, antibody, and immunoassay development.

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