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We engineered our proprietary Gyrolab Bioaffy™ CD with highly reproducible nanoliter microfluidic technology that minimizes analyst hands-on time and sample volume while ensuring quality, speed, and reproducibility. Combined with Gyrolab® immunoassay platform technology, Gyrolab Bioaffy CDs automate immunoassays with precise parallel processing, simplifying workflows and maximizing outputs. By removing the potential for human error, Gyrolab automation technology delivers ultra-robust immunoassay results at nanoliter scale.  

Gyrolab technology guarantees consistency

Guarantee consistency

Gyrolab Bioaffy CD-based assays ensure consistent sample concentration measurement over a broad dynamic range. This capability minimizes sample dilution and repeats and enables precise measurement of antibody concentrations from initial lab scale through production.  

Shorten incubation times with minimal matrix effects

Our CDs perform affinity flow-through assays at nanoliter scale, with short column flow-through times that reduce the need for sample pretreatment and allow a broad range of matrices with minimal effects. Using our open platform gives you ultimate flexibility to develop assays in a variety of formats, using your own reagents or pre-qualified kits.  

Shorten incubation times with minimal matrix effects
Switching from conventional ELISA to Gyrolab technology is simple and supportable

Make the switch from ELISA

Gyrolab allows you to produce high-quality immunoassay data in less than half the time as plate-based assays, using smaller sample volumes. The excellent correlation in this example between IgG titer in the two formats makes switching from conventional ELISA to Gyrolab simple and supportable.

Put Gyrolab technology to work

Accelerate assay development and sample analysis for preclinical research and development. Facilitate upstream and downstream bioprocessing analytics. Meet critical data requirements for regulated bioanalysis. Strengthen quality control in manufacturing. Whatever your immunoassay requirements are, Gyrolab technology can help you get there faster. 

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