Gyrolab® Custom Assay Services

Conjugating biomolecules with biotin or Alexa Fluor® 647 fluorophore is a key step to developing a robust Gyrolab immunoassay. Gyrolab Custom Assay Services provides a high level of experience to produce a biotin- or Alexa Fluor 647-conjugated biomolecule for use as capture or detection reagent in Gyrolab assays.

That way we ensure a reliable and reproducible labeling process of critical reagents as well as large-scale labeling and vialing.

The final labeled reagents come with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) facilitating use of critical reagents in QC or at CROs.

Benefits of Biomolecule Labeling Services:

  • Efficient biomolecule labeling to ensure best possible results with regards to labeling, yield, and incorporation ratio
  • Option for large-scale labeling and vialing 
  • Quality documentation e g CoA provided for labeled biomolecule
  • Reproducible labeling of critical reagents facilitates assay transfer

Labeling of biomolecule reagents includes a number of well-defined steps.

Watch this video to learn how our Biomolecule Labeling Service can help you accelerate assay development and overcome the challenges of assay transfer.

quote-mark-white Gyros Protein Technologies supported the development of one of our project-specific host-cell-protein assays via the Custom Biomolecule Labelling Services. We are amazed at how well it worked. The Custom Services team not only delivered the labelling of the reagents super-fast but also with high quality and reproducibility compared to a previous labelled batch. Overall a great experience and collaboration.”

Melanie Zanto (Sanofi Deutschland GmbH)

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