Modular design that can grow with your chemistry needs

Inert PurePep Pathway “inside” – pure reliability

  • Configurable 2, 4 or 6 reaction vessels
  • Controlled induction heating with oscillation mixing
  • Real-time UV monitoring
  • Automated cleavage
  • Preactivation
  • Intuitive software Designed for 21 CFR part 11 compliance


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PurePep Pathway “inside” - Pure reliability

The design power of the proprietary PurePep Pathway (valve block system) results in zero dead volumes, no cross-contamination, and worry-free performance that lasts for years. No cross-contamination, and no failure due to harsh peptide synthesis chemicals. With the trusted PurePep Pathway inside PurePep Chorus, you have reliable peptide purity every time.

Integrated peptide purification

The system's flexible design allows for seamless integration of PurePep EasyClean (PEC) technology. PEC provides an automated purification process for up to six peptides simultaneously, while saving 90% solvents compared to conventional purification methods. With automated PEC purification on the PurePep Chorus, you only need 36 minutes of active time and a total purification time of 5.4 hours for a set of six peptides.

Configurable 2, 4 or 6 RVs

Choose between 2, 4 or 6 reaction vessels depending on your throughput needs. This modular design enables in-lab upgrades aligned with the growing needs of peptide researchers.

Controlled induction heating and Oscillation mixing

You decide how many reaction vessels include induction heating capabilities. The controlled induction heating and oscillation mixing patent, does not result in temperature overshooting and enables controlled heating between 25°C and 90°C. The technology is fully-compatible with oscillation mixing, which ensures even temperature profiles, homogenous chemistry, and high yields. Combined with the adjustable nitrogen mixing that is also included on each reaction vessel , PurePep Chorus allows complete control of reaction parameters for precise and reproducible peptide synthesis.

Real-time UV monitoring

Select how many reaction vessels to configure with UV monitoring. Minimize trial- and-error when synthesizing peptides using the IntellisynthTM real- time UV monitoring on PurePep Chorus. What makes this UV monitoring different? Monitoring your reaction solution while it’s mixing, resulting in control of the deprotection reaction times, not just the number of repetitions. When using Single- ShotTM amino acid delivery, real-time UV monitoring ensures that reactions are completed efficiently and no excess reagent is wasted.

Intuitive software

The icon-driven software simplifies the chemist’s workflow and accelerates set up of peptide synthesis methods. Pre-programmed methods may be used as is, or as a template for customized methods and sequences can be easily imported to avoid errors. Increase your productivity and program new syntheses while others are already running. The software is designed for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

Automated cleavage

PurePep Chorus has the ability to do automated, fully customizable cleavage without the need for an additional module. Choose to cleave immediately (Fmoc only), at the end of a synthesis, or at a specified date and time. Cleaved peptides are collected in convenient 50 mL centrifuge vials. All Gyros Protein Technologies’ synthesizers are built with robust TFA-resistant materials, so you can cleave for years on the instruments without worry. Not interested in cleavage? You have the flexibility to use the collection positions as additional amino acid positions.


With the ability to run three preactivation reactions in parallel, PurePep Chorus is ideal for sterically hindered amino acid additions. Additionally, DIC/HOBt chemistry can be optimized and go straight to scale-up.


Installation qualification and operation qualification (IQ/OQ) support services verify and document that your instrument is supplied, installed, and operating according to GPT specifications, and may be required for operating under cGMP conditions. GPT-certified field service engineers inspect critical components, ensure that your systems function properly and reproducibly during automated synthesis operations, and provide documentation to help you meet regulatory requirements.

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Number of reaction vessels
2, 4, 6 configurable with in-lab upgrades
Synthesis scale range
0.005 - 1.0 mmol per reaction vessel (6.0 mmol total for a 6 RV system)
Reaction vessel volume
Plastic, disposable: 10 mL, 45 mL
Borosilicate glass: 10 mL, 25 mL, 40 mL
Number of solvent positions/sizes
8 solvents (0.5 to 8 L vessels as standard, larger capacity vessels available)
Number of amino acid positions
27 amino acid bottles or Single-Shots plus six Single-Shot only positions for specialty reagents.

10 mL (for standard or Single-Shot delivery for specialty reagents), 50 mL (Single-Shot only positions), 120 mL, and 400 mL sizes.

Pre-packaged and empty bottles available.
Chemistries supported
Fmoc, t-Boc, organic, peptoid, combinatorial, branched, PNA
Activation in situ and pre-activation
Throughput User defined
Fluid transfer method
Positive pressure with nitrogen
Agitation method
Nitrogen bubbling - adjustable, and/or optional oscillating shaker mixing
Automated on-board cleavage, separate fluid path and vent
Waste container
(1) 20 L D.O.T rated container with over-flow sensor in cap
Control interface
Proprietary PurePep Chorus control software, internal CPU, tablet (wireless connection)
Real-time log of each instrument function, print to file or printer. Includes e-mail notifications to send an email to a computer or cell phone at a specified program step, at the beginning of each cycle, or if an error occurs.
Start-up kit
40 pre-packed AA bottles (20 natural amino acids; 5 mmol and 20 mmol scales), Reaction Vessels (disposable RVs, 30 pack of 10 mL and 30 pack of 45 mL RVs), Rink Amide Resin (0.1 mmol scale), Fmoc-L-Gly Wang Resin (0.1 mmol scale), HCTU (100 g), Activator Sample kit (5 g each of K-Oxyma, PyOxim, OxymaPure and HDMA). Shipments to the USA also include 20% Piperidine/DMF and 0.4M N-Methylmorpholine/DMF (0.9 L each) reagents.
100-230VAC , 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H)
87.1 cm x 72.1 cm x 72.4 cm (34.3” x 28.4” x 28.5”)
90.7 kg (200 lbs)
One year, parts and labor.


PurePep Reagents

As of March 31, 2024, Gyros Protein Technologies has discontinued many of our peptide research reagents. This includes:
  • Cleavage kits
  • Bulk FMOC amino acids
  • Solvents
  • Pre-packed Tribute vials
  • Pseudoproline dipeptides
  • Pre-packed PS3 vials
  • Resins
  • Two sizes of pre-packed bottles for PurePep Chorus, Symphony, & Prelude X
Instrument starter kits and two sizes of pre-packed bottles for PurePep Chorus, Symphony, and Prelude X remain available.    

Your peptide synthesis needs are important to us. If you would like custom packaging or other special handling conditions please send us your request here



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