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The Gyrolab xPlore system gives your team the agility to develop immunoassays more quickly and increase data quality with minimal hands-on time. Reliable and precise walkaway automated immunoassays accelerate every phase of biotherapeutic product development.

  • Utilizes proprietary Gyrolab CDs
  • Generates up to 112 high-quality data points per CD within an hour
  • Samples are processed in parallel
  • Supported by software designed for 21 CFR part 11 compliance
  • Backed by industry-leading technical support
  • Offers an easy transition to Gyrolab xPand as your needs grow


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“Better Science – fewer animals” Nanoliter-scale assays reduce animal usage in preclinical studies

Pharmacodynamics & Biomarker Monitoring

Extract maximum biomarker/PD information from limited sample volumes

Product Titer Quantitation

Broad dynamic range ensures high-sensitivity quantification throughout the development process


Automated sample pretreatment and immunoassay workflow at nanoliter-scale reduces hands-on time


Design and evaluate in solution affinity runs using non-modified substances

Impurities for Downstream Purification

Rapid quantification of contaminants enables data-driven decisions to be made throughout the biotherapeutics workflow

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