Gyrolab® PLBL2 Kit allows for the sensitive detection of Hamster phospholipase B-like 2 (PLBL2), a prevalent and challenging residual Host Cell Protein (HCP) typically present in monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) derived from Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells.

The existence of PLBL2 in mAb formulations can significantly influence mAb stability, requiring its reduction to levels within the acceptable sub ppm range. Moreover, PLBL2 impurities possess the capability to initiate immune responses, underscoring the critical need for their specific detection and quantification, particularly during the phase of process development.

Gyrolab PLBL2 Kit in combination with Gyrolab systems completely automate the analytical process and generate 96 data points in 80 min.

GRAPH: Gyrolab PLBL2 Kit offers a broad three-log working range that minimizes the number of dilutions needed with an LLOQ of approximately 0.2 ng/mL

Ordering information

Ordering information

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Gyrolab PLBL2 Kit

Reagents and consumables to generate 96 datapoints. P0020730

Gyrolab PLBL2 CD50 Kit

Reagents and consumables to generate 4800 datapoints (50 CDs). P0020732

Gyrolab PLBL2 Standard

For spiking experiments. P0020736

Gyrolab PLBL2 Sample Dilution Buffer

Sample dilution buffer, 25 mL. P0020737

To accelerate assay development, Gyrolab Assay Protocols are available for ?. 


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