Product number:P0020747

Gyrolab AAV9 Titer Kit determines product titer in samples from process development and in the manufacturing of AAV viral vectors.

The Gyrolab AAV9 Titer kit is made with the highly selective Thermo Scientific™ CaptureSelect™ Biotin Anti-AAV9 Conjugate and Thermo Scientific CaptureSelect Alexa Fluor™ 647 Anti-AAV9 Conjugate from Thermo Fisher Scientific1. These ligands are also the basis of POROS™ CaptureSelect AAV9 Affinity Resin, which is frequently used to purify AAV9 viral vectors. 

The Gyrolab AAV9 Titer Kit in combination with Gyrolab system quickly delivers high quality titer data for AAV serotype 9 using smaller sample volumes and with better overall performance compared to ELISA.

GRAPH: Gyrolab AAV9 Titer Kit gives comparable data to ELISA and extends the analytical range. S/B, Signal/Background.

1Thermo Scientific and CaptureSelect are trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and its subsidiaries.

Ordering information

Ordering information

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Gyrolab AAV9 Titer Kit

Reagents and consumables to generate 96 datapoints. P0020747

Gyrolab AAV9 Titer CD50 Kit

Reagents and consumables to generate 4800 datapoints (50 CD’s). P0020749

Gyrolab AAV9 Titer Sample Dilution Buffer, 25 mL

Sample dilution buffer, 25 mL. P0020751

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