Gyrolab® E. coli HCP Kit

Product number: P0020625

Gyrolab E. coli HCP Kit includes reagents from Cygnus Technologies and demonstrates a broad three-log working range that minimizes the number of dilutions needed to analyze bioprocess samples. The assay range is from 3 µg/mL down to approximately 1 ng/mL and together with Gyrolab system delivers 96 data points in 80 minutes. The antibodies have been generated against a blended lysate of E. coli cells from a variety of strains including the commonly used DH5α and BL21 strains.

The kit contains ready-to-use capture- and detection reagents that are pre-labeled with biotin and Alexa Fluor® 647, respectively. Pre-diluted standards are supplied ready-to-use, which minimizes pipetting errors and maximizes analysis consistency and quality of results.

Table Gyrolab E. coli HCP Kit

Accuracy and precision data for four QC samples using Gyrolab E. coli HCP Kit.

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Gyrolab E. coli Kit

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Gyrolab E. coli HCP Kit