Want to replace your Tribute® for an even better successor system?

Want to replace your PS3 or Tribute® for an even
better successor system?

Want to replace your PS3 for an even better successor system?

Now is the time to get a good deal and Trade-In your instrument to our newest 2-channel PurePep® Chorus 2RV or 2RV with
Induction Heating.

PurePep Chorus

quote-mark-whiteAt the University of Minnesota, Chemistry Department we have been successfully working with the PS3 Peptide Synthesizers from Gyros Protein Technologies for years. At a certain time, we needed to replace it with a newer system, and we decided to purchase PurePep® Chorus from Gyros Protein Technologies. One of the features that convinced us to make this decision was its modular system. For everybody with budget constraints, the possibility to upgrade it at any time to increase the synthesis capacity is a very interesting option. The built-in cleavage system is also very appealing. The system operates in the range of scales that are useful for us and comparing it to other instruments is relatively simple. Given that many people use it, we view this as an advantage. The new software and method programming associated with the Chorus is a significant improvement over the PS3, as is the ability to make two peptides simultaneously.

Prof. Mark Distefano, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota


Advantages of trading in your old instrument:

  • Upgrading an older reliable system to one that is the most up-to-date and fully supported by our Service
  • Possibility to discover new technology and applying it to your peptide synthesis workflow
  • Investment in a modular system that can be further upgraded to a 4- or 6-channel system
  • Securing the continuity of the business and making sure that your synthesis capability is sustained
  • Getting a good deal!
PurePep Chorus features and benefits

PurePep Chorus features and benefits:

  • A modular peptide synthesizer that is in-lab upgradeable from 2 to 4 or 6 reaction vessels to easily increase synthetic throughput
  • Real-time UV monitoring, simultaneous and configurable on multiple vessels to monitor and optimize deprotection steps
  • Independent induction heating with a range of up to 90˚C for easy method optimization
  • PurePep® Pathway for high purity and yield
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, icon-driven intuitive software platform with pre-programmed methods, and reagent preparation calculators for quick and trouble-free workflow

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