Instruments for Automated Peptide Synthesis

Protein Technologies peptide synthesizers are designed to cover synthesis scales from 0.005 to 200 mmol. We offer a range of peptide synthesizers to meet your needs. Whether your chemistry is combinatorial, small organic molecules, peptide (Fmoc or t-Boc), peptoid or DNA, Protein Technologies has a peptide synthesizer for you.

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Peptide Synthesizers

PurPep Chorus   Symphony-X

PurePep™ Chorus


Symphony® X

Uncompromising purity using a modular design and intuitive software workflow. Configurable 2, 4 or 6 reaction vessels.

  24 Simultaneous reactions and RV1 with UV monitoring, heating and vortex mixing


Sonata   Sonata-1

Sonata®/Sonata XT



Mid-scale and scale- up system   12 simultaneous, independent reactions (4 for Symphony Quartet)


Classic Peptide Synthesizers

PS3 Tribute



The original reliable, versatile “plug’n play” 3-channel peptide synthesizer


2 Simultaneous reactions with Intellisynth® UV real-time monitoring, heating and vortex mixing



Prelude® X

More peptides in less time using 6 heated RVs and minimal solvent consumption