bioprocess-impurity-testingTransform the performance and productivity of bioprocessing immunoassays: miniaturize, automate, and analyze faster.

Impurity and titer analysis during bioprocess development that is rapid and precise using Gyrolab® immunoassays accelerates workflows and increases throughput. The microfluidic immunoassays utilizing the Bioaffy CD format are fully automated and are completed in about one hour for high throughput sample analysis that streamlines workflows and provides data for time-relevant decision making.

Wide assay dynamic ranges of 3-4 logs means high pass rates on the first run and reduced sample dilution requirements, saving analyst time.  The low sample volume requirements of <10 µL conserves precious samples and reagents, to generate more data with less sample in less time.

Skip assay development with Gyrolab Kits 

Gyrolab ready-to-use kits for host cell protein (HCP) impurity analysis and the presence of other impurities such as protein A, biotherapeutic product titer kits for human IgG, and gene therapy adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector or lentiviral vectors, have been extensively tested for reliable performance and precise results, empowering bioanalytical QC Engineers to set-up immunoassays quickly and focus on what matters: robust results. 

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Scientists at Sanofi have successfully implemented Gyrolab immunoassay system as a reliable platform for high-throughput HCP analysis. Read more in the Case Study, Host-Cell Protein Analysis to Support Downstream Process Development

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