Go Beyond your Expectations for Bioprocess Titer and Impurity Analysis

Go Beyond your Expectations for Bioprocess Titer and Impurity Analysis

Transform the performance and productivity of bioprocessing immunoassays: miniaturize, automate, and analyze faster.

Impurity and titer analysis during bioprocess development that is rapid and precise using Gyrolab® immunoassays accelerates workflows and increases throughput. The microfluidic immunoassays utilizing the Bioaffy CD format are fully automated and are completed in about one hour for high throughput sample analysis that streamlines workflows and provides data for time-relevant decision making.

Wide assay dynamic ranges of 3-4 logs means high pass rates on the first run and reduced sample dilution requirements, saving analyst time.  The low sample volume requirements of <10 µL conserves precious samples and reagents, to generate more data with less sample in less time.

Skip assay development with Gyrolab Kits 

Gyrolab ready-to-use kits for host cell protein (HCP) impurity analysis and the presence of other impurities such as protein A, biotherapeutic product titer kits for human IgG, and gene therapy adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector or lentiviral vectors, have been extensively tested for reliable performance and precise results, empowering bioanalytical QC Engineers to set-up immunoassays quickly and focus on what matters: robust results. 

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Scientists at Sanofi have successfully implemented Gyrolab immunoassay system as a reliable platform for high-throughput HCP analysis. Read more in the Case Study, Host-Cell Protein Analysis to Support Downstream Process Development

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For more information, see these bioprocess development applications:

    Gyrolab Systems
    Gyrolab technology reduces manual labor, assay development time, time to result and material consumption -and it improves workflow efficiency. 

    Gyrolab Kits and Solutions
    Gyrolab Kits, CDs and Rexxip Buffers - Designed for best results 

    Gyrolab CDs
    Select the appropriate CD for a specific immunoassay based on the required dynamic range, the analyte concentration, the quality of reagents and the assay format.  
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    Gyrolab xPlore
    Gyrolab xPlore single-CD system automates high performance immunoassays throughout biopharma development and production. 
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    Gyrolab xPand
    Gyrolab xPand five CD system optimizes immunoassay development, processing and performance in your laboratory. 
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    Host-Cell Protein Analysis to Support Downstream Process Development
    Sanofi scientists present the successful implementation of the Gyrolab immunoassay system as a reliable platform for high-throughput HCP analysis, in combination with a robotic liquid handling system. The results were comparable to their gold-standard ELISA method. 
    [Case Study]

    Overcoming Limitations of ELISAs in Process-related Impurity Testing
    In this webinar, Utku Hasbay at Takeda Pharmaceuticals presented transfer of an HCP ELISA to Gyrolab® to expand the dynamic range with a 2 hour assay time 

    High Throughput Platform and Automated Sample Preparation for Host Cell Protein Analysis to Support Downstream Process Development
    Speaker: Suzana Petrovic Analytical Scientist Sanofi. Learn how a high-throughput immunoassay platform supported accelerated bioprocess HCP assay development utilizing Gyrolab xP and CHO-HCP E3G kit. 

    Recorded Webinar: Beyond Conventional LBAs: Accelerating Viral Vector Bioanalysis Using Microfluidic Immunoassays with Nanoliter Sample Volumes and Results in One-Hour
    In this webinar, we present data on the high-precision, automated microfluidic immunoassays for the quantification of AAV and lentiviral vectors in bioprocessing applications. 

    HEK 293 HCP Solution for Gyrolab®
    Fast and convenient detection of HEK 293 host cell protein impurities with the HEK 293 HCP Solution for Gyrolab. 
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    Use of Gyrolab® Viewer module when developing the E. coli HCP assay
    Shows the development of the Gyrolab E. Coli HCP kit with help from the Gyrolab Viewer software and the Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 HC Assay Toolbox. 

    Accelerating bioprocess workflows with microfluidic immunoassay-based parallel impurity analysis
    A MabSelect SuRe™ purification eluate from a Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) mAb culture was assessed for IgG titer and four different process related impurity levels in a Gyroplex panel generating results in 5 hours. 

    Gyrolab AAV9 Titer Kit
    Gyrolab® AAV9 Titer Kit in combination with Gyrolab system quickly delivers high quality titer data for AAV serotype 9 (AAV9). 
    [Product information sheet]

    Increasing productivity in AAV9 vector production with efficient titer determination
    Gyrolab® AAV9 Titer Kit in combination with Gyrolab system quickly delivers high quality titer data for AAV serotype 9 (AAV9). Learn more and download the application note with real-process data from one of our CRO partners. 
    [Application Note]

    Meeting evolving industry demands with smaller, faster and walkaway ligand-binding assays
    On-demand. In this webinar, we discuss the current state and outlook of the fast-growing biopharmaceutical industry with a special focus on the need for automation and speed in analytics, including customer case studies demonstrating performance and workflow improvements over traditional plate-based immunoassays such as ELISA in preclinical, clinical and bioprocess applications. 

    Go beyond expectations in viral vector analytics, cell and gene therapy process development and quality control
    Don't miss this exciting recorded webinar with speakers from Viralgen and MeiraGTx and hear about their experinces when beta testing new Gyrolab kits for quantifying AAV titer and process impurities. 

    EndonucleaseGTP® Solution for Gyrolab®
    EndonucleaseGTP Solution for Gyrolab, with reagents from Cygnus, supports fast residual endonuclease impurity detection in viral vector and vaccine samples. 
    [Product information sheet]

    High-throughput, automated analysis of viral vector titer and process related impurities accelerates downstream process development of AAV based gene therapies
    Learn how to to set up a Gyroplex panel, with five process-realted titer and impurtities assays in one single run with Gyrolab xPand. 

    White Paper: Increasing productivity in cell and gene therapy bioprocessing with fast and reliable immunoassays
    Whitepaper on immunoassays used in viral vector bioprocessing, including Gyrolab case studies from cell & gene therapy labs 
    [White Paper]

    Breaking Barriers in Titer and Impurities Analytics with an Automated Microfluidic Immunoassay Platform
    Titer and Impurities Analytics with an Automated Microfluidic Immunoassay Platform. John Chappell, Gyros Protein Technologies, BPI DW. Nov 3, 2021 

    Development of an Automated AAV8 Capsid Titer Assay on Gyrolab® xPand Immunoassay Platform
    The excellent BPI Ask The Expert webinar with Matt Lotti from Ultragenyx, delivered on December 9 is now available on-demand. 

    Recorded Webinar: Gyrolab platform for optimized product characterization during rAAV manufacturing process
    Recorded Talk 2022 Bioprocess Summit Europe. Andrea Manterola Juaristi at Viralgen describes rAAV product characterization HEK 293 HCP and titer using Gyrolab kits.