SYMPHONY®/QUARTET - Discontinued

Replacement Instrument – Symphony® X

Powerfully flexible for research, optimization and production

With Ultra PurePep® Pathway


  • Ultra PurePep® Pathway “Inside” – Pure reliability
  • Fully independent channels
  • 20 amino acid bottles
  • Variable scales
  • Automated cleavage
  • Easily customized protocols
Ultra PurePep Pathway “Inside”
The proprietary ultra PurePep Pathway is enhanced with a dedicated microfluidic matrix valve block pathway for each reaction vessel resulting in pure peptides. Nitrogen and vacuum move all fluids through the system, the membranes are resistant to harsh chemicals, there is zero dead volumes, no cross-contamination, and best-in-class performance that lasts for years. Other systems use off-the-shelf valves that leak or corrode, result in cross-contamination, and quickly fail when exposed to harsh peptide synthesis chemicals. With the ultra PurePep Pathway inside Symphony/Quartet, all fluid deliveries are verified via optical sensors and you have reliable peptide purity every time.
Fully independent channels
With Symphony and Symphony Quartet, different reaction times and protocols can be varied for each step of the synthesis allowing the instrument to be used for simultaneous production of completely independent compounds at different scales.

For example, compounds of differing lengths can be synthesized simultaneously at different scales. Synthesis on any of the channels can start or stop at any time, regardless of whether syntheses are in progress on other channels. Custom Peptide Synthesis Houses and Core Laboratories will find this useful for serving the needs of multiple clients.

The speed of Symphony (12 RVs) and Symphony Quartet (4 RVs) allows reaction vessels to produce compounds faster and in numbers comparable to other synthesizers using many more reaction vessels. When synthesizing 42-mers, for example, it is possible to produce 12 different synthetic compounds in a 14.5-hour period. The difference with Symphony / Symphony Quartet is that the first four compounds are completed, then the next four, and so on, rather than having to run for the entire 14.5 hours before any products are complete.
20 Amino acid bottles
Amino acids for synthesis are dispensed from common bottles specific to each amino acid. Bulk reagents can be used to prepare solutions for the 20 amino acid bottles, contributing to a low reagent cost. The fact that reaction vessels are agitated during coupling enables the synthesis of longer compounds and allows the solution to be only moderately concentrated, permitting easy dissolution of reagents.
Variable scales
Symphony / Symphony Quartet offers a variable range of synthesis scales from 0.005 mmol to 0.625 mmol per channel. This allows for the economical synthesis of either small (mg) or large (near gram) quantities of compounds.
Automated cleavage
Automated cleavage delivers the product compound from each synthesis directly to a centrifuge tube in a vented compartment, ready for further work-up and purification.
Easily customized protocols
Control software runs on a Windows®-compatible PC and allows sequences to be created directly or imported from other programs. Partial sequences can be cut and pasted to appropriate channels, then edited as desired. Each channel is controlled independently, and custom coupling protocols can be programmed channel-by channel and residue-by-residue.


Number of reaction vessels
12 (4 for Symphony Quartet)
Synthesis scale range
0.005 mmol to 7.5 mmol (2.5 mmol for Symphony Quartet)
Reaction vessel volume
Plastic, disposable: 25 mL
Glass with side-arm: 10 mL, 20 mL, and 30 mL
Number of solvent positions/sizes
1 primary solvent position, 20 L capacity
5 user-defined solvent positions, 0.5 - 8 L capacities, larger capacity vessels available
Number of amino acid positions
20 amino acid positions
120 mL capacity, 400 mL size optional
Chemistries supported
Fmoc, t-Boc, organic, peptoid, combinatorial, others
User defined
Fluid measurement technique
Fixed loop measurement with optical sensors
Fluid transfer method
Positive pressure with nitrogen
Agitation method
Nitrogen bubbling - adjustable and programmable
Automatic, programmable (for Fmoc chemistry only)
Waste container
One 20 L container with overflow sensor
Control interface
Proprietary Symphony control software
Stand-alone computer and flat panel monitor included
Real-time log of each instrument function
Print to file, screen or printer
115 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H)
35" x 23" x 63.5" (89 cm x 58 cm x 161 cm)
Approximately 550 lbs. (250 kg)
One year, parts and labor

PurePep Reagents



Coupling Agents


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