Faster synthesis of simple and complex peptides with higher purity

With PurePep™ Pathway

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  • PurePep™ Pathway “Inside” – Pure reliability
  • Rapid induction heating
  • Oscillation mixing
  • Real-Time UV monitoring
  • Efficient reagent addition
  • Automated cleavage
  • Preactivation
PurePep Pathway “Inside”
The design power of the proprietary PurePep Pathway (valve block system) results in zero dead volumes, no cross-contamination, and worry-free performance that lasts for years. Other systems use off-the-shelf valves that leak, cross-contaminate, and quickly fail when exposed to harsh peptide synthesis chemicals. With the trusted PurePep Pathway inside Prelude X, you have reliable peptide purity every time.
Rapid induction heating
Prelude X is the first instrument of its kind to include rapid induction heating. Heating conditions in each of the six reaction vessels (no resin loader required) can be independently set to enable flexible, customized syntheses. The patent-pending technology takes just seconds to reach temperature, does not result in temperature overshooting and enables controlled heating between 25°C and 90°C. The technology is fully-compatible with oscillation mixing, which ensures even temperature profiles, homogenous chemistry, and high yields.
Oscillation mixing
All six reaction vessels on the Prelude X instrument are equipped with oscillation mixing. This method creates a uniform heating profile throughout the reaction vessel, eliminating the potential for hot spots or burnt resins. Additionally, it functions to keep resins off the side walls and submerged within the solution. Combined with the fully adjustable nitrogen mixing that is also included on each reaction vessel, Prelude X allows complete control of reaction parameters for precise and reproducible peptide synthesis. Learn more
Real-Time UV monitoring
Minimize trial-and-error when synthesizing difficult peptides using the Intellisynth real-time UV monitoring on Prelude X. What makes our UV monitoring different? Other systems just monitor the waste stream.  We monitor your reaction solution while it’s mixing – that’s why we’re the only ones who can control the deprotection reaction times, not just the number of repetitions. When using Single-ShotTM amino acid delivery, real-time UV monitoring ensures that reactions are completed efficiently and no excess reagent is wasted. Learn more
Efficient reagent additions
Prelude X comes with up to 33 amino acid positions to accommodate any chemistry. Expensive reagents can be added to any reactor without priming or wasting a drop using Single-Shot deliveries, thus saving money with no manual intervention required and allowing greater automation capacity.
Automated cleavage
Prelude X includes the ability to do automated, fully customizable cleavage without the need for an additional module. Choose to cleave immediately (Fmoc only), at the end of a synthesis, or at a specified date and time. Cleaved peptides are collected in convenient 50 mL centrifuge vials. All Protein Technologies’ synthesizers are built with robust TFA-resistant materials, so you can cleave for years on the instruments without worry.
Prelude X has the ability to run three preactivation reactions in parallel. This is ideal for sterically hindered amino acid additions. Additionally, DIC/HOBt chemistry can be optimized and go straight to scale-up.


Number of reaction vessels
6 (3 with pre-activation option), no resin loader required
Synthesis scale range
0.005 - 1 mmol per reaction vessel, (6 mmol in total)
Reaction vessel volume
Plastic, disposable:10 mL, 45 mL Borosilicate glass:10 mL, 25 mL, 40 mL
Number of solvent positions/sizes
7 pressurized solvents (1 to 4 L each)
Number of amino acid positions
27 amino acid bottles plus six Single-Shot only positions for specialty reagents. 
10 mL (for standard or Single-Shot delivery for specialty reagents),120 mL, and 400 mL sizes.
Pre-packaged and empty bottles available.
Chemistries supported
Fmoc, t-Boc, organic, peptoid, combinatorial, branched, PNA
HBTU, HATU, HCTU, TBTU, PyBOP, DIC/OxymaPure, DIC/HOBt, others
User defined
Fluid measurement technique
Selectable fixed loop measurement with optical sensors for amino acids and reagents, timed delivery of solvents
Fluid transfer method
Positive pressure with nitrogen Top-down washing
Agitation method
Nitrogen bubbling - adjustable, and or optional Oscillation mixing - adjustable
Automated on-board cleavage, separate fluid path and vent
Waste container
(1) 20 L D.O.T rated container with over-flow sensor in cap
Control interface
Proprietary Prelude X control software, internal CPU, external keyboard, mouse, flat panel monitor
Real-time log of each instrument function, print to file or printer.
Printable .pdf file for each method created.
Personalized user databases
Individual users can create their own programs, peptide sequences, and syntheses that can only be accessed from their own personalized user database. Individual databases can be stored on the instrument, or on a portable USB drive.
Start-up kit
40 pre-packed AA bottles (20 natural amino acids; 5 mmol and 20 mmol scales), Reaction Vessels (Prelude disposable RVs, 30 pack of 10 mL and 30 pack of 45 mL RVs), Rink Amide Resin (0.1 mmol scale), Fmoc-L-Gly Wang Resin (0.1 mmol scale), HCTU (100 g), Activator Sample kit (5g each of K-Oxyma, PyOxim, OxymaPure and HDMA). Shipments to the USA also include 20% Piperidine/DMF and 0.4M N-Methylmorpholine/DMF (0.9 L each) reagents.  (Cat#: PPX-STARTKIT/PPX-STARTKIT-I)
115 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H)
34.5” x 28” x 36.25” (87.6 cm x 71 cm x 92 cm)
Approximately 260 lbs. (118 kg)
One year, parts and labor.
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OPTIONAL - Heating and mixing
Six individually controlled induction heating units  (Cat#: PPX-IHEAT-OPT) 

and 3 sizes of coated glass RVs: 6 x 10 mL, 6 x 25 mL and 6 x 40 mL. Adjustable oscillating mixing unit (Cat#: PPX-SHAKE-OPT) software and heating control systems

OPTIONAL - UV Monitoring
Intellisynth Real-time UV Monitoring and feedback control system and software (Cat#: PPX-UV-OPT). Learn more
OPTIONAL - Software
Preset Prelude X to ensure your synthesis is protected. The Safe Response software feature can be setup to rinse and drain a reaction with a solvent of your choosing if a synthesis is interrupted for any reason.

Dynamic Sequence Programming option allows the reaction vessels to operate semi-independently. Have one peptide run a special cycle in the middle of a sequence while the other reaction vessels sit idle. Add pre- or post-processing cycles. (Cat#: PPX-DYN-SEQ-PGM)

E-mail-Text Message Status Reporting. Always be “in touch” with your synthesis and have Prelude X send an email to a computer or cell phone at a specified program step, at the beginning of each cycle, or if an error occurs. (Cat#: PPX-TXT-EML-RPT). Learn more

Pre-activation Programming (Cat#: PPX-PRE-ACT-PGM)

PurePep Reagents



Coupling Agents


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