Overcome Operational Complexity

Experience Seamless Integration of Peptide Synthesis and Purification Solutions

The PurePep® workflow integrates parallel peptide synthesis and orthogonal peptide purification technology into one streamlined system that adapts to your needs. PurePep is an end-to-end solution that helps your laboratory increase the efficiency and performance of high-quality peptides at any stage of the value chain.


Peptide Synthesis and Purification in one Platform

PurePep Chorus is a modular peptide synthesizer ideal for both academic and industry research. Known for its reliability, versatility, and user-friendliness, it ensures high-quality peptide synthesis. Designed to be scalable, it starts with a two-reaction vessel configuration and can be expanded up to six for increased throughput. Additionally, it offers customization options, including independent induction heating, real-time UV monitoring, and integrated peptide purification, allowing users to adapt to future needs efficiently. 

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Peptide Purification Made Simple with Orthogonal Linker Technology

PurePep EasyClean (PEC) technology breaks down barriers in peptide purification. The catch-and-release methodology is based on a novel traceless cleavable linker molecule (PEC-Linker) and activated filter materials. Without the need for an additional purification machine, PEC allows efficient purification and modification of chemically synthesized peptides with low solvent consumption in a simple kit format. PEC is designed for maximum flexibility throughout the development pipeline, providing high-throughput, research scale, and large scale purification solutions. 

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The World‘s First Solution for Automated Peptide Purification

The PEC Auto Kits offer an automated and parallel peptide purification solution for researchers using the PurePep synthesizer, such as the PurePep Chorus or Symphony X. Users can benefit from a 90% reduction in hands-on time, saving cost and enabling rapid purification of peptide sets ranging from milligrams to grams in less than a day. Additionally, the PEC Auto Kits offer a greener purification method, with 90% less toxic solvents needed compared to traditional chromatography.

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Want to dive deeper into PurePep solutions with on-demand webinars?

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On-demand webinar: Introducing Automated Parallel Peptide Purification

Learn how automated purification with catch-and-release chemistry works and understand the potential of automated parallel purification.

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On-Demand Webinar: An Automated Peptide Synthesis and Purification Platform to Overcome Operational Complexity

Learn how the automated and rapid PurePep peptide production workflow can significantly increase reliability and productivity.

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Richard Stratford, CEO of NEC OncoImmunity

"I was impressed by the PEC-grade peptides. We obtained purities of >90% for even challenging 27mers, which were easily resolubilized and generated promising results in our collaborator’s assays.”

Richard Stratford, CEO of NEC OncoImmunity 

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