Robert and Dominik

On-Demand Webinar


Introducing Automated Parallel Peptide Purification with the PurePep® EasyClean Auto Kit


Join the featured speakers to learn about a breakthrough solution for automated parallel peptide purification, enabled by the PurePep® EasyClean (PEC) Auto Kit.

Traditional chromatography methods present challenges such as sequential operations, the need for highly trained personnel, extensive hands-on time and significant consumption of toxic solvents. The need for a parallel, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to remove this bottleneck has never been more critical.

The PEC Auto Kit meets this demand head-on by streamlining the peptide synthesis-to-purification workflow in one instrument. The kit is designed to work in harmony with existing synthesis equipment like the PurePep® Chorus and the Symphony® X without the need for additional chromatography systems.

In this introduction webinar, attendees will learn how automated purification with catch-and-release chemistry works and understand the potential of automated parallel purification with:

  • 90% less toxic solvent consumption,
  • 90% less hands-on time compared to conventional HPLC,
  • 6 and more parallel peptide purification in less than 6 hours.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn first-hand how to revolutionize your peptide processes from start to finish with automated peptide purification in parallel.

Dominik Sarma

Dominik Sarma,
Sr. Market Manager, Gyros Protein Technologies AB

Robert Zitterbart

Robert Zitterbart,
Director R&D PurePep EasyClean Solutions (PECS),  Gyros Protein Technologies AB

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