One microstructure – One data point – No cross talk

Gyrolab® CDs

Gyrolab CDs are at the heart of the Gyrolab system, enabling immunoassays to be run in an affinity-column format using streptavidin-coated beads at nanoliter-scale. The proprietary CD technology is engineered with highly reproducible microfluidic structures that ensure high-precision volume definition and tight control over the workflow. Precise, and automated control of centrifugal forces and capillary actions steer liquid flow through the microfluidic structures within the CD.

Integration of the CD in Gyrolab systems enables parallel processing of 96 or 112 microstructures coupled with automated laser-induced fluorescence detection. The flow-through affinity micro-column format eliminates incubations and minimizes matrix interference, and the nanoliter-scale format saves reagents and samples. The result is cost effective and highly reproducible data over broad dynamic ranges.

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