Product number: P0020705

Gyrolab Bioaffy 4000 CD offers extended sensitivity for applications such as pharmacokinetics and biomarker assays where higher sensitivity may be needed. Gyrolab Bioaffy 4000 CD is based on the proven design of the Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 CD but has a deeper volume definition structure to pass 4000 nL of sample over the streptavidin bed, as compared to 1000 nL that passes over the Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 CD. As a result, sufficient lower concentration analyte is captured from samples to increase the immunoassay sensitivity by 2–6 fold compared with the Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 CD.

GRAPH: The sample volume defined in the CD determines the sensitivity. Gyrolab Bioaffy CD family now covers an analytical range of over 6 logs. 

VIDEO: Gyroplex® panels, when Gyrolab assays are run in series using Gyrolab xPand, generate reliable biomarker data.

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