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Note: As of September 30th there will be order processing and shipment delays that may last until October 8, 2020 as we are transitioning to a new ERP system. Please email to discuss what accommodations we can provide during this time.

PurePep® Coupling Agents

  • Guaranteed weight, purity and quantity
  • All of our chemicals are 100% QC tested
  • Available in custom sizes

Your peptide synthesis needs are important to us. If you
would like custom packaging, other special handling conditions, or a quote please send us your request here

Instruments Performance

  • Protein Technologies‘ peptide synthesizers are optimized using our PurePep® reagents

  • Minimize down time caused by clogging resulting from impure and unstable reagents

Better Synthesis Results

  • Synthesize your peptide correctly the first time

  • Consistent quality reduces synthesis variability

  • Better yield and purity with high quality reagents

  • Minimize racemization using specialty activators

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