Productivity inside PurePep Chorus

From start to finish, PurePep Chorus is designed for an efficient workflow. This includes the use of a completely new software platform designed with the productivity of the user in mind:

Intuitive menu guided workflow

heaxagon Pre-programmed standard methods may be used as is, or as a template for customized methods
heaxagon Grouping allows reaction vessels to be configured to run simultaneously or in different groups to run sequentially. Groups can run unique protocols so that peptides requiring different methods can be conveniently prepared in the same synthesis
heaxagon Import sequences to easily create new syntheses
heaxagon Program new syntheses while others are run
heaxagon Reagent preparation and usage calculators save time and prevent mistakes
heaxagon Email notification delivers peace of mind that your synthesis is running as planned
heaxagon SafePep™ feature prevents side reactions and undesired byproducts.
heaxagon Self-diagnostics and automated cleaning routines ensure flawless operation of the system
heaxagon Designed for 21CFR part 11 compliance with user management, electronic signatures, audit trail, and easy-to-review reports provide maximum traceability

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