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PurePep Chorus wins the Silver Life Science Industry Award, from Bioinformatics Inc

PurePep Chorus, the multi-scale platform that offers programming flexibility, extra amino acid positions, and prime-free Single-Shot™ deliveries.

Solve your peptide synthesis challenges and gain purity, productivity and power!

PURITY: PurePep Pathway dedicated chemically inert pathways
PRODUCTIVITY: flexible configuration and in-lab upgradeable 2, 4, 6 RVs
POWER: independent, controlled induction heat and real-time UV monitoring

PurePep Chorus Peptide Synthesizer

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PurePep Chorus Software

Intuitive software that simplifies the chemist’s workflows. Pre-programmed methods, import sequences, plan one synthesis while another is running, auto-calculations and more.

The productivity inside PurePep Chorus software

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PurePep valve technology

The design power of the proprietary PurePep Pathway (valve block system) results in zero dead volumes, no cross-contamination, and worry-free performance that lasts for years.


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Temperature scanning in method development for a difficult peptide synthesis

Sterically hindered peptides can provide increased proteolytic stability while influencing peptide conformations by adding rigidity to the backbone and favoring specific secondary structures that can improve ligand binding to target receptors. These peptides are difficult to synthesize due to the reduced space available for the reactive groups to come into proximity during coupling and lower reactivity of many sterically hindered amino acids, with a high tendency to produce deletion sequences. How does a temperature scan for deprotection and coupling reactions help?

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Parallel, independent heating for optimizing a simple peptide synthesis

GHRP-6, a hexapeptide containing two D-amino acids (D-Trp and D-Phe), is a growth hormone secretagogue that acts as a ghrelin receptor agonist. Previously this sequence was synthesized in high purity using just 2 x 1 minute double couplings at room temperature. What is the impact of a temperature scan?

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