PurePep® EasyClean (PEC) Services

Start with the new standard in peptide research and order PEC-grade custom peptides or peptide libraries for highly reliable assays. Take advantage of high success rates and fast turnaround times to speed up the time-to-result for your valuable project.

Service highlights:

  • Designed for research and preclinical applications with PurePep® EasyClean (PEC), the leading orthogonal peptide purification technology

  • High assay reliability through a minimum amount of co-eluting truncations and deletion sequences that cause false results

  • High success rates (> 95%) due to PEC’s high flexibility for solubilization of hydrophobic and aggregating peptides

  • Multi-gram scales, modification, and clinical-grade peptides are available through our custom PEC process and kit development service

Structure Linear
Purity PEC-grade
Amount 0.5 -5 mg
Throughput 1 - 192 per order
Quality QC with LC/MS


Your path to PEC-grade peptides:




quote-mark-white Richard StratfordI was impressed by the purity and yield of the PEC-grade peptides. We were able to obtain purities of >90% for even challenging hydrophobic 9mer and 10mer peptides (and even 27mers) using the orthogonal PEC purification methodology, which were easily resolubilized and generated good results in our collaborator’s immunological assays.” 

Richard Stratford, CEO NEC OncoImmunity


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