PurePep® EasyClean (PEC) Services

Benefit from cutting-edge catch & release technology and enable the manufacture of the most complex peptide-based modalities like antibody-drug conjugates, macrocyclic peptides, radio-labeled peptides, or peptide nucleic acids (PNA) to develop the ideal drug or therapy. ​

Service highlights:

  • Modern synthetic peptide-based modalities enabled through PEC-assisted purification and integrated late-stage modification​
  • Improved conjugation efficiency and lower solvent requirements with solid-phase modification chemistry powered by PEC​
  • Development of custom linker molecules and orthogonal purification solutions with catch & release

Modalities Synthetic peptide-based new modalities
Structure Modified/Conjugate
Throughput Product sample for validation​
Scale mg (upscaling upon request)
Deliverable Performance report and product sample for validation


Your path to custom processes:

Enabling new modality manufacturing with PEC



quote-mark-whiteJames Schouten, MologicWith the new modalities service, we were able to generate a high-quality antibody-bioconjugate modification to a precise specification. With a deep expertise in chemistry and an agile collaborative approach, the PECS team managed the project perfectly and with tremendous insight to help develop the concept. This result has changed the way we think about protein modification and created new opportunities for innovation.

James Schouten, Global Access Diagnostics


Contact our team of experts, and we will help you to enable the manufacturing of most complex peptide-based modalities for the ideal drug or therapy.