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Gyros Protein Technologies Introduces New Gyrolab CRO Certification Program for Qualifying CRO Partners

Gyros Protein Technologies is proud to announce the introduction of a Gyrolab® Certification Program for our valued contract research organization (CRO) Partners in Europe, the Americas, and APAC.  

The Gyrolab CRO Certification Program solidifies existing partnerships between Gyros Protein Technologies and CROs who offer the advantage of Gyrolab automated, microfluidic immunoassays to their sponsors. The CRO Certification Program establishes a standard of readiness by the CRO in the use of Gyrolab bioanalytical assays relevant to drug development, and a commitment by Gyros Protein Technologies to partner with the CRO in maintaining its Gyrolab expertise. 

The certification status is achieved using a specific set of criteria met by both the CRO and Gyros Protein Technologies with criteria for CROs that includes analyst training, instrument redundancy, and up-to-date software versions. In turn, Gyros Protein Technologies commits to consistent and high-priority support of the CRO with annual training, onsite visits, and service.

According to Mark Vossenaar, General Manager, “We anticipate this new program will provide sponsors with a higher level of confidence when choosing CROs that offer Gyrolab assays and allow CROs to offer their certification as evidence of their competency in Gyrolab assays. We anticipate this program will set industry standards for bioanalysis in biotherapeutic development.”

More information on our Gyrolab Certified CRO Partners, the CRO Certification Program, or the certified CRO company locations, view our website CRO page.