Gyrolab® ADA Solution

Gyrolab ADA solutionGyrolab anti-drug antibody (ADA) solution provides nanoliter-scale immunoassay methods for ADA detection using automated acid dissociation in the Gyrolab Mixing CD 96 during a method. Dedicated Gyrolab ADA Software with automated cut point analysis and designed for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, facilitates data analysis for either screening or confirmatory results. Gyrolab ADA assays exhibit high drug tolerance coupled with high sensitivity and consistent performance, providing high quality data. Running ADA assays on Gyrolab systems requires that Gyrolab ADA Software is installed on your system.



See what happens inside Gyrolab Mixing CD 96 when used for ADA analysis:





Gyrolab Mixing CD 96
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Rexxip ADA buffer
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Gyrolab ADA Software
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Gyrolab ADA assays can also be performed in a homogenous, bridging format using overnight incubation. This format requires use of a Gyrolab Bioaffy 200 CD


Gyrolab Bioaffy 200 CD

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To accelerate assay development, Gyrolab Assay Protocols are available for mAbs and biosimilar therapeutics.