Gyrolab® Service and Support

Service and Support

Count on Gyros Protein Technologies for fast, professional service and support to accelerate and simplify your research.

Gyrolab User Zone

Gyrolab Service and Support
  • Theoretical and practical training from assay development to data evaluation
  • Fulfil GxP requirements for certified users
  • Qualification services-IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Range of service contracts to ensure maximum instrument productivity

Gyrolab training courses

Gyrolab basic training courses are designed to train your personnel to operate Gyrolab instruments, from basic principles to planning and executing experiments, and evaluating the data.


Gyrolab advanced training courses provide a deeper understanding of the theory behind developing and running immunoassays on Gyrolab instruments and provide deeper insight into the use of the control and analysis software modules. You’ll also learn the steps required to fulfill GxP requirements. Courses are run by qualified application specialists at a user site or a Gyros facility, and attendees receive a certificate of competence upon successful completion.

Application support service

Our specialists can help you identify optimal reagents and running conditions for your particular application and help you with qualification and validation. We can also assist with user seminars and networking to share knowledge and experience. Contact your local representative to discuss your particular requirements.

Installation qualification and operation qualification (IQ/OQ) support and performance quality (PQ) guidance

Gyros products are quality controlled and validated before delivery, but our professional IQ/OQ support, and PQ guidance package extends the validation process to include certification and records to fulfill GxP, FDA and EMEA requirements.


IQ/OQ procedures are performed on site by a Gyros-certified service engineer, using equipment calibrated to NIST-traceable standards. PQ guidance includes recommendations to help you validate instrument performance after IQ/OQ. Contact your local Gyros representative to discuss your specific requirements.

Service and technical support for Gyrolab instruments

Gyros gives you the service and support you need for your time-critical work. Gyrolab service contracts include preventative maintenance by Gyros-certified engineers and priority support and service to maximize instrument productivity. The contracts also give you control over the overall cost of ownership throughout the lifetime of your instrument.

Routine usage

Gyrolab gold service offers high priority response times for service calls and on-site visits with an annual preventive maintenance visit to minimize downtime and ensure top performance. There are no extra costs for additional service visits, repairs or spare parts.

High usage

If you work in a highly demanding environment, Gyrolab Gold Plus Service will help you maximize your Gyrolab xP workstation’s productivity and give you full control over costs. Biannual preventive maintenance ensures heavily used instruments are kept in peak condition. You also get the highest priority for service calls and on-site visits to minimize any risk of downtime. This means no extra costs for additional service visits, repairs or spare parts.

Other service and support options

For more information about the complete range of Gyrolab service and support options, please download the Gyrolab Service and Support sheet or contact your local Gyros representative.



Gyrolab Service & Support
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