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Peptide Synthesis Resources

Find technical documentation on our products as well as scientific references. Learn about the ways our customers are using our products in research applications and peptide development.

SPPS tips for success: A guide to better peptide synthesis

SPPS tips handout-2With the increasing chemical complexity of therapeutic peptides, how can you maximize the likelihood of success when developing a protocol to automate synthesis for a new peptide sequence? We recently held a series of webinars covering the full journey a chemist embarks upon when designing, developing, and manufacturing a synthetic peptide:

  • Designing a Synthesis: How to maximize the likelihood of success when developing an automated synthesis protocol for a new peptide sequence.

  • Side Reactions: How to implement strategies to reduce the risk of unwanted side reactions that inevitably occur during the chemical synthesis process.

  • Peptide Manufacture: A real-world example of the synthesis of 24 SARS-CoV-2 peptides with therapeutic potential, manufactured with a focus on cGMP and regulatory compliance.

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