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October 30, 2019
11:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

A Gyrolab Assay for the Quantitation of Free Complement Protein C5a in Human Plasma


Mark Dysinger, M.S., Development Scientist III
Alexion Pharmaceuticals

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Mark Dysinger GLP-1 quantitation: Gyros vs. other detection platforms
Recorded Seminar: Mark Dysinger, Senior Scientist, Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics, and Metabolism, Pfizer Global Research and Development, presents ‘Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Quantitation: Gyros vs Other Detection Platforms'. 

Diane Hamlin on the performance of Gyrolab xP workstation
Recorded Seminar: Diane Hamlin, Eli Lilly and Company, presents 'Performance of the Gyrolab xP System for Custom Development of Preclinical Urinary Renal Biomarker Assays'. 

Sabrina Lory Developing fit-for-purpose immunoassays
Recorded Seminar: Sabrina Lory, Head of the Bioanalytical Assay Laboratory, NovImmune, presents ‘Developing fit for purpose assays using the Gyrolab platform'. 

Jun Heo on using Gyrolab xP to automate high throughput HCP analysis
Recorded Seminar: Jun Heo, Analytical Biochemist, Biologics-New and Enabling Technologies (BNET), Merck & Co., Inc., presents 'The Automation of a High Throughput Residual Assay to Support In-Process Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies'. 

Daniel Schiwek on The value of Gyrolab xP workstation in HCP analysis and bioprocess
Recorded Seminar: Daniel Schiwek, Project Evaluation Manager at Global Biological Operations, Lonza AG, Visp, Switzerland, presents ‘Biopharmaceutical manufacturing in microbial systems – Gyrolab as an analytical platform supporting process development'. 

Shawn Fernando PK assays: Gyrolab helps to meet tight deadlines
Recorded Seminar: Shawn Fernando,  Senior Researcher, Bioanalytical Development, Morphotek, Exton, PA, USA, presents ‘Development and Validation of a Pharmacokinetic Assay on the Gyrolab Platform for Use in Phase II/III Clinical Trials'. 

Annette Wu shows how Gyrolab xP workstation speeds up ADC assay development and throughput
Recorded Seminar: Annette Wu in the PDM group at Pfizer, La Jolla, CA, USA, presents ‘Case study: Antibody-drug conjugates TK study on Gyros' immunoassay platform'.