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Peptide Therapeutics: Discovery, Development and Manufacture

Peptide-based therapeutics are increasingly being seen as the future for many drug development programs, and these compounds can be found in many clinical therapeutic areas such as cancer vaccines, personalized medicines, and treatments for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. But how do researchers in academia and industry chose a target peptide for a particular therapy? What challenges do they face when chemically synthesizing peptides as part of process development, or manufacture?


Earlier this year, Gyros Protein Technologies hosted a panel discussion where selected experts in the field answered your questions and discussed topics including:

  • Peptide drug development, discovery and chemical synthesis
  • What factors influence target selection?

  • How to overcome solid phase peptide synthesis challenges such as increasing purity and yield of the target product, and reducing impurities and side-products?

  • How to optimize your peptide synthesis with a focus on scale-up and manufacture?

  • How can we improve the purification process?