Peptide Synthesis Applications

Gain insight into how Protein Technologies' platforms have been applied in research and development related to biomaterials, drug delivery, peptide therapeutics, vaccines and venoms & toxins.

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Venoms and Toxins


Baltikinin: A New Myotropic Tryptophyllin-3 Peptide Isolated from the Skin Secretion of the Purple-Sided Leaf Frog, Phyllomedusa baltea.
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AaeAP1 and AaeAP2: Novel Antimicrobial Peptides from the Venom of the Scorpion, Androctonus aeneas: Structural Characterisation, Molecular Cloning of Biosynthetic Precursor-Encoding cDNAs and Engineering of Analogues with Enhanced Antimicrobial and Anticancer Activities.
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