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Gyrolab technology offers fully automated miniaturized immunoassays simplifying the workflow with increased performance. Immunoassay techniques are widely used for determination of the concentration of biomolecules in wide range of applications in life science. It has been used in established areas like drug and vaccine development and in vitro diagnostics for decades, but also it is also used in new emerging fields including cell and gene therapy. The ELISA technique has been the gold-standard but new more efficient techniques with improved performance are replacing this methodology. 


Master thesis projects 


Optimization of Assays to Assess Anti-Drug Antibodies  

Gyrolab immunoassay is a sensitive bioanalytical technique and fit-for-purpose in most applications. The platform is being used throughout the drug development molecular journey. This project will look to develop sensitive immunoassays to assess Immunogenicity in clinical samples.


Immunogenicity assessment involves the measurement of anti-drug antibodies in human serum/plasma. This is an important part of developing new biological drugs and it is essential to prove that the medicine is safe. There have been cases where antibody formation has led to serious safety issues and therefore immunogenicity assessment is an important regulatory requirement.


 This project aims to develop immunogenicity assays on the Gyrolab platform and may involve the following investigations and scope:

  • Evaluate blocking strategies to minimize non-specific background interference including using blocking antibodies and other blocking factors.
  • Looks at various strategies to disrupt protein-protein interactions in a fully automated immunoassay format.
  • Assess the impact of antibody affinity on assay sensitivity and drug tolerance.
  • Assess background and biological variability and the false positive rates using statistical analysis. How do protocols designed to improve drug tolerance impact the detection of antibodies?

The student who undertakes the project will get extensive experience in immunoassay development and will get experience in this exciting and developing area of research.

Please send your application to Daniel Forstsström at daniel.forsstrom@gyrosproteintech.com