“In the future, CROs will be in constant communication with their customers and truly become part of the team developing new biologicals.”

Focusing on Ligand Binding Assays, SYRINX Bioanalytics prides itself in being able to analyze biotherapeutics using a wide selection of platforms, including Gyrolab xP workstation. The low sample consumption combined with high sensitivity and broad dynamic range of Gyrolab gives them a critical edge when running preclinical studies. The CRO has a strong focus on the science. As Dr. Timo Piironen, Scientific Director and Adjunct Professor says, “We have a really good crew on board with excellent scientific credentials and we are used to solving very complex problems."

SYRINX Bioanalytics and Gyrolab®

SYRINX Bioanalytics acquired Gyrolab in 2010, after being given the opportunity to evaluate the performance of their own assays on the platform at the Gyros facility in Uppsala – an opportunity they greatly appreciated. “We are proactive and we feel that the acquisition of Gyrolab gives us an edge in differentiating ourselves from other CROs”. About one third of their mid-size and large pharma clients have Gyrolab.

The team at SYRINX Bioanalytics already had a lot of experience with high performance techniques such as DELFIA, and their benchmark studies showed that Gyrolab could match the sensitivity and broad dynamic range of the DELFIA technology, and with much lower sample consumption. Timo sees the low sample consumption as the main advantage of Gyrolab, especially in preclinical studies. “For example, we developed an ADA assay that enabled us to complete a preclinical study using individual rat samples without pooling. In these types of study we need to run samples a few times through the assay – for screening, confirmation and then titer determination – so low sample consumption is critical.” SYRINX Bioanalytics also appreciates the automation of Gyrolab and the fast assay development time. They develop assays from scratch and also transfer them from clients.

Timo concludes by saying that it would be a real boost if Gyros could offer panels of biomarker kits for preclinical work, something that would often smoothen the path forward for their clients. SYRINX Bioanalytics has had a very positive relationship with Gyros right from the start. “Gyros is a very reliable partner and we have received excellent scientific support”.

SYRINX Bioanalytics present themselves:
SYRINX Bioanalytics is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) offering a large variety of modern immunoassay techniques for the bioanalysis of

  • Biologicals, biosimilars and vaccines
  • Anti-drug antibodies (immunogenicity testing)
  • Biomarkers

Syrinx Bioanalytics performs bioanalytical studies in compliance with GLP, GCP and GMP - the GLP laboratory (since 1991) is continuously striving to fulfill the latest guideline and white paper requirements.

Our values:

  • Quality excellence in all aspects
  • Customers are the focus of our operations
  • SYRINX is its people - employees have an opportunity to reach their full potential

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