Frontage believes that automation will increasingly be relied upon in the lab, replacing key repetitive manual tasks such as pipetting or plate handling, for reduced error and improved efficiency. Gyrolab® platform has delivered in-lab automation. We find that the key advantages of the Gyrolab platform are that it is automated, offers the ability for high throughput samples analysis, shortens run time, and saves precious sample volumes from Sponsors”


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Frontage Laboratories, Inc. have utilized both the Gyrolab xP and Gyrolab xPand instruments for the past 3 years, employing the Gyrolab Platform technology to offer PK method development/transfer, method validation, and sample analysis for non-GLP, GLP, and clinical studies.

Why Frontage chooses the Gyrolab platform

Frontage considers it critical to choose a platform that amplifies efficiency, reduces the time in generating data, has optimal sensitivity, and provides reproducible and high-quality data; Gyrolab microfluidics technology accomplishes this. Scientists need to prepare standard QC and samples, and the Gyrolab platform handles the subsequent steps with the plates such as adding capture antibodies, samples, and detection antibodies, and building the raw data, saving countless hours of work.

Frontage prefers to use the Gyrolab platform, a robust system that is easy to use and ensures little to no room for error, when Sponsors have a project with many samples or have an animal study (like rat or mouse) and can only provide a limited amount of samples. For ligand binding assays that require high sensitivity, they also choose the Gyrolab platform.

Speeding up delivery with high-quality data

Frontage is reputed for their quality and expertise. The use of the Gyrolab platform has added efficiency, making it easier to meet urgent timelines while delivering high-data quality. Their projects benefit from the short run time, improved work efficiencies, automation capabilities, and the high standard curve dynamic range of the Gyrolab platform.

Frontage values their experience of partnering with Gyros Protein Technologies

As a company, Frontage Laboratories agrees that Gyros Protein Technologies boasts an excellent product that brings much value by helping to eliminate potential human error and delivering quality data for their Sponsors.

About Frontage

Frontage is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides integrated, science-driven, product development services throughout the drug discovery and development process to enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to achieve their development goals.

A comprehensive offering

Comprehensive services from Frontage include drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, analytical testing and formulation development, preclinical and clinical trial material manufacturing, bioanalysis, preclinical safety and toxicology assessment, and early-phase clinical studies.

Partnering with Frontage

Frontage has enabled many biotechnology companies and leading pharmaceutical companies of varying sizes to advance a myriad of molecules through development and file regulatory submissions in the United States, China, and other countries. Clients choose Frontage with confidence knowing that the combination of our expertise, technology, and standards, makes it possible for their study requirements to be met without compromising on data quality or timelines.

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