Compare Gyrolab to ELISA

Produce high-quality immunoassay data in about an hour using less sample with Gyrolab platform. This approach can be called Gyrosizing your assay.

Gyrolab Immunoassays Reduce Total Time From 4+ Hours to
2 Hours Converting From ELISA Kits.

Gyrolab IA vs ELISA-2



Customer Example of 10x Faster Assay Results

A customer example below is data from a conversion of an ELISA assay to Gyrolab presented by a major pharmaceutical company at a Gyrolab User Seminar. The assay dynamic range was also expanded 8-fold.


Customer Example of 10x Faster Assay Results

Courtesy of C. Mallozzi and M. Kavosi, Pfizer (Gyrolab Seminar 2010)

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Learn more about automating your immunoassays to save time and sample with Gyrolab microfluidic nanoliter-scale technology.


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