Gyrolab® Software

Gyrolab® Software Modules

Gyrolab software modules provide expanded functionality

Gyrolab software modules add functionality onto the core software suite for additional application-specific
analysis, and are designed with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in mind. 


Learn more about Gyrolab Control ReportGyrolab Control Report

Automatic electronic generation of non-editable, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, raw data reports to meet regulatory requirements.


Learn more about Gyrolab Viewer SoftwareGyrolab Viewer
Display and review on-column fluorescence for each datapoint.



gyrolab-ada-iconGyrolab ADA Software

Guides the development and validation of immunogenicity assays including ADA screening and confirmatory analysis.


Learn more about Gyrolab Affinity SoftwareGyrolab Affinity Software
Facilitates the design and evaluation of in-solution affinity experiments.



Learn more about Gyrolab LIMS

Gyrolab LIMS Interface
Enables full integration of Gyrolab systems into a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in
compliance with GxP requirements.



Gyrolab Control ReportGyrolab Control Report



An essential requirement of 21 CFR Part 11 is the generation of non-editable, raw data reports after each run. Gyrolab Control Report module automatically generates non-editable raw data reports after each run, in alignment with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.


For users who use a LIMS system for data analysis, this module delivers reports that include run and experimental details in pdf format.


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Gyrolab Viewer



Gyrolab Viewer enables visualization of the on-column fluorescence binding profile for each data point, revealing the binding interaction of each analyte with the column. The Gyrolab Viewer profile is a uniquely powerful tool for assay development and troubleshooting.


Gyrolab Viewer is accessed directly through Gyrolab Evaluator to facilitate assay development and troubleshooting from research through regulated environments. Binding profiles from Gyrolab Viewer can also assist in the selection of optimal binding pairs by comparison between data points.Gyrolab Viewer



Gyrolab Viewer profiles facilitate assay development and QC data analysis

  • Compare binding profiles
  • Identify optimal binding pairs
  • Investigate outliers
  • Troubleshoot during development or routine analysis

Viewer side by side comparison

Gyrolab Viewer side by side comparison


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Gyrolab ADA Software



Assessment of anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) is a fundamental part of immunogenicity testing. Gyrolab ADA Software follows a standard ADA assay workflow of screening followed by confirmatory assays to provide time-efficient, drug-tolerant analysis of anti-drug antibodies (ADA) in serum samples.

Gyrolab ADA SoftwareThe Gyrolab ADA Software module incorporates a cut point formula for automatic data evaluation, displaying data according to predefined acceptance and cut point criteria for clear visualization of results.

Gyrolab ADA Software guides confirmatory analysis by displaying results according to your acceptance criteria and confirmatory cut point. Samples falling outside of acceptance criteria are automatically highlighted.


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Gyrolab Affinity Software



Gyrolab Affinity Software module guides the design and evaluation of in-solution affinity experiments to determine KD values for up to 14 interacting pairs.Gyrolab Affinity Software

  • One interactant in a concentration series is mixed with the second interactant at a fixed concentration
  • At equilibrium, the response of unbound ‘fixed’ interactant is measured with an automated Gyrolab Affinity analysis method
  • The Affinity Evaluator Software generates affinity curves by plotting the response against the concentration of the variable interactant.
  • The affinity curves are fitted according to the selected interaction model.
  • Multiple curve analysis from one interaction pair is available with Gyrolab Evaluator v.3.6 and higher to obtain globally fitted parameters.

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Fully automated Gyrolab LIMS Interface



Biopharmaceutical companies and contract research or contract manufacturing organizations (CRO/CMO) companies often require a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) interface for sample tracking and data storage. Gyrolab software provides several options for a LIMS interface.

Worklist-mediated, manual Gyrolab run setup LIMS Interface

  • Information on samples to be processed during a Gyrolab run are provided to Gyrolab software
    by the LIMS
  • Gyrolab software returns Run Results back to the LIMS
  • User can automatically export Run Results with Gyrolab Result Exporter, maintaining data
    integrity in a secure process

Fully automated LIMS Interface

  • LIMS communicates directly with Gyrolab software via a network Application Programming
    Interface (API) to set up a Run, and to later fetch the Run Results
  • Gyrolab network API available with Gyrolab Control 8.1 or later


Worklist-mediated, manual Gyrolab run setup


Worklist-mediated, manual Gyrolab run setup


Fully automated LIMS interface

Fully automated LIMS interface


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