Gyrolab® Protein A Kits

Product number: P0020456 and P0020457

Gyrolab Protein A Kits detect GE Healthcare’s MabSelect SuRe ligands and native protein A residues in samples, such as antibody preparations after protein A purification processes. Gyrolab Protein A Kits deliver a broad assay working range of approximately 0.2 ng/mL to 100 ng/mL that reduces the need for dilutions and repeat runs.

In the automated method, samples are acidified in Gyrolab Mixing CD 96 to dissociate protein A-IgG complexes. The amount of protein A is subsequently determined by a sandwich immunoassay.

Combined with Gyrolab system, Gyrolab Protein A Kits deliver precise and accurate data in the presence of high IgG concentrations and present results for 96 data points in 2 hours.

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Spike recovery in the presence of high IgG concentrations.

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Gyrolab Protein A Kits

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Gyrolab Protein A Kit