Gyrolab® p24 Kit

Product number: P0020659

Gyros Protein Technologies has developed Gyrolab p24 Kit to meet the need to determine lentivirus  titers in manufacturing of lentiviral vectors. Gyrolab p24 Kit works over a broad analytical range, 0.2– 1000 ng/mL, and contains ready-to-use capture and detection reagents that are pre-labeled with biotin and Alexa Fluor® 647, respectively. Pre-diluted standards are supplied ready-to-use, which minimizes pipetting errors and maximizes analysis consistency and quality of results.

Used together with nanoliter-scale and automated Gyrolab systems, 96 data points are delivered in 80 minutes to accelerate bioprocesses involving lentiviral vector production and reduce the time to market for new cell and gene therapies.

Gyrolab p24

Spike recovery of viral preparation samples, treated and un-treated with Triton X-100, using Gyrolab p24 Kit.

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Gyrolab p24 Kit

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Gyrolab P24 Kit