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Easy-to-use kits require fewer manual steps,
reducing hands-on time and risk for error.

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Gyrolab E. coli HCP Kit-2

Gyrolab® Ready to Use Kits

Gyrolab ready to use kits contain all reagents and consumables necessary to perform the indicated number of datapoints on Gyrolab systems  Key features include:


Ease of use

  • Optimized kit ensures assay robustness, convenience and rapid results
  • No need for assay development


Broad dynamic range

  • Measurement range over 3 - 4 logs
  • Minimizes dilutions and repeats


Automated and reproducible analysis

  • Reduces hands-on time and risk for errors
  • Reproducible high-quality data
  • Fast turn-around time – 96 datapoints in 75-80 minutes
  • High throughput – up to 960 datapoints in a working day


Assay principle



A Gyrolab ready to use kit is typically designed as a three-step sandwich assay.


A biotinylated molecule is captured on streptavidin-coated beads in the affinity column in the CD. The sample binds to the biotinylated capture molecule. Bound sample is then detected using a fluorescently labeled detection molecule. The Gyrolab instrument transfers reagents and samples to the CD and then records the laser-induced fluorescence from each column. Samples are quantitated using a standard curve. Analysis of data is performed using Gyrolab Evaluator software.



Gyrolab p24 Kit - NEW

Use of Gyrolab Systems in combination with ready to use kits accelerates bioprocesses involving viral vector production and reduce the time to market for the promising new cell and gene therapies under development.

Gyrolab Systems have become proven and established analytical tools for bioprocess development and manufacturing.  Features that increase the productivity in bioprocess workflows include  automated  analysis,  broad analytical range, and high quality results and software designed for 21 CFR part 11 compliance. To meet the need to determine lentivirus titers, Gyros Protein Technologies has developed Gyrolab p24 Kit. Gyrolab p24 Kit is ready to use and works over a broad analytical range.


Benefits of performing lentivirus titer determinations with Gyrolab p24 Kit:


Accelerate lentivirus bioprocess workflows and reduce time to market –

  • Fast results for data driven decisions – 96 data points in 80 minutes
  • Automated analyses – less manual operations
  • High throughput – up to 960 data points in one working day

Generate high data quality from small sample volumes

  • 10 x less sample required compared to ELISA
  • Broad dynamic range and low matrix interference reduces the need for dilutions

Gyrolab p24 kit web image




Gyrolab E. coli HCP Kit 

Gyrolab E. coli HCP kit has been developed to determine levels of host cell proteins (HCP) in bioprocess workflows using Escherichia coli (E. coli) as an expression system.


Gyrolab E. coli HCP kit is based on reagents from Cygnus Technologies and demonstrates a broad three-log working range that minimizes the number of dilutions needed to analyze bioprocess samples ranging from µg/mL down to ng/mL. The antibodies have been generated against a blended lysate of E. coli cells from a variety of strains including the commonly used DH5α and BL21 strains.


The kit contains ready-to-use capture- and detection reagents that are pre-labeled with biotin and Alexa Fluor® 647, respectively. Pre-diluted standards are supplied ready-to-use, which minimizes pipetting errors and maximizes analysis consistency and quality of results.


Gyrolab E. coli HCP Kit


For assay performance and more information, please download the product information sheet DOWNLOAD




Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G Kit

Gyrolab CHO-HCP 3G kit

Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G Kit includes the same reagents as the industry standard Cygnus CHO HCP ELISA which enables CHO HCP analysis comparable to ELISA with all the benefits that Gyrolab systems offer. This capability will increase productivity by allowing analysis of more samples in less time without the manual operations that are associated with traditional ELISA’s.


The Cygnus 3G ELISA antibody is reactive to more than 750 individual HCPs from conditioned media and cell lysates in both a CHO-S strain and a K1 strain. These HCPs represent more than 98% of the total mass of protein as indicated by methods orthogonal to ELISA.






Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G Kit


For assay performance and more information, please download the product information sheet  DOWNLOAD




Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kit 1


Gyrolab CHO-HCP kit 1 is designed to measure Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Host Cell Proteins (HCP) impurities with performance that addresses many of the limitations of ELISA. The kit contains an antibody from Cygnus Technologies and covers a broad spectrum of HCPs, broadens the analytical range from typically two orders of magnitude to four, simplifying spike recovery and dilution linearity experiments.



Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kit 1



For assay performance and more information, please download the product information sheet DOWNLOAD




Gyrolab Protein A Kit

Protein A Kit 96-1.png

Gyrolab Protein A Kits detect GE Healthcare’s MabSelect SuRe™ ligands and native protein A residuals in samples, such as antibody preparations after Protein A purification processes. In the automated method, samples are acidified in Gyrolab Mixing CD 96 to dissociate protein A-IgG complexes. The amount of Protein A is then determined by a sandwich immunoassay.

  • Automates acid dissociation
  • Delivers precise, accurate data in the presence of high IgG concentrations
  • Provides results for 96 data points in 2 hours

View Protein A dissociation inside the CD



For assay performance and more information, please download the product information sheet DOWNLOAD




Gyrolab huIgG Kits 

Gyrolab huIgG Kits

Gyrolab huIgG Kits rapidly determine human intact IgG titers over broad concentration ranges in cell line development. Two kits are available;

  • Gyrolab huIgG Kit– High Titer for µg – mg concentrations
  • Gyrolab huIgG Kit – Low Titer for ng - µg concentrations


The kits are composed of ready-to-use reagents and are compatible with two Gyrolab Bioaffy CDs that differ in sample volume. The dynamic range of each assay, typically 3-4 logs, depends on the CD used – Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 HC for low titers and Gyrolab Bioaffy 20 HC for high titers. Gyrolab systems completely automate the analytical process and generate 96 or 112 data-points in approximately one hour. The kits are designed to quantify human IgG1, IgG2 and IgG4 in cell cultures.


Gyrolab huIgG Kits


For assay performance and more information, please download the product information sheet DOWNLOAD




pk-tk-kitsGyrolab Generic PK/TK Kits

To perform PK or TK studies of human antibodies in nonhuman species, it is necessary to have an assay that selectively recognizes human IgG from the endogenous non-human IgG. To meet these needs, Gyros Protein Technologies has developed two kits to accurately and robustly quantify human IgG1, IgG2, or IgG4 titer over broad working ranges in several matrices, including cynomolgus monkey and with the convenience that ready-to use kits brings. The two kits are based on the same reagents and are compatible with two Gyrolab Bioaffy CDs that differ in sample volume to cover concentration ranges which meet the needs for PK and TK studies.



For assay performance and more information, please download the product information sheetDOWNLOAD




Gyrolab-Bioaffy-1000-HC-AssayToolboxGyrolab Bioaffy 1000 HC Assay Toolbox- NEW

Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 HC Assay Toolbox provides support for users who wish to develop assays with process-specific reagents based on components of the ready-to-use Gyrolab kits. Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 HC Assay Toolbox includes Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 HC CD, wash buffers, sample dilution buffer, plates, foils and instructions for use. The components included in the toolbox meet the high performance 

  • Supports the development of process-related immunoassays on the open Gyrolab platform
  • Includes Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 HC CD, sample dilution buffer and Gyrolab Wash Buffer Duo
  • Choose from two kit formats to generate 96 or 4800 data points specifications of our ready-to-use Gyrolab kits for HCP detection