Gyrolab® Software

Gyrolab software: 
Productivity at home, office, or lab.

Easy-to-use immunoassay software designed to enhance productivity:

  • Desktop planning of experiments
  • Mix and match assays in one run
  • Analyze data immediately after CD run
Gyrolab software modules
  • Manage user privileges
  • Import and export method templates
  • Data modifications are recorded in an Audit trail
  • Export analysis and audit trail reports
  • Review and back up the result database
  • Conduct many, many more routine functions

Gyrolab® xPand and Gyrolab xPlore™ instruments are delivered with pre-installed software, optimized for productivity: Gyrolab Manager to plan and set up runs at home, at your desk, or in the lab; Gyrolab Control to control integrated, automated workflows and Gyrolab Evaluator to give you the power to analyze data and generate reports. All software programs are designed for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. 



Gyrolab Software v 8.1 Flexibility

Gyrolab Manager 

Gyrolab Manager maximizes productivity while working at your desk or remote. Plan experiments utilizing different assay formats while away from the lab and run assays any combination, from performing five CD runs with one assay and many samples to running different assays on different CDs, all in one operation. Run designs are stored in user-defined folders, allowing the organization of information according to your needs. The advanced Dilution/Spike functionality provides a high level of flexibility and enables you to perform advanced analyte concentration determinations, for example when testing assay accuracy and sensitivity by spike recovery studies or analyzing sample dilution linearity.

Gyrolab Control

An easy-to-use template controls all steps in the immunoassay workflow, including sample and reagent transfer, wash and incubation, spinning of Gyrolab CD and fluorescence detection for each type of CD. All instrument and software actions are logged within an audit trail.


For users working with validation and analysis of preclinical and clinical samples, the software can be integrated with your LIMS through the Gyrolab LIMS interface software module. Users analyzing raw data through their LIMS systems are advised to acquire a license for the Gyrolab Control report module to automatically generate non-editable, raw data reports after each run.

Gyrolab Evaluator

Gyrolab Evaluator enables samples from different experiments within a single run to be analyzed and quantified in one step so that data can be compared within and between runs. All sample and run details, data and analyses can be stored in specified project folders. Analytical parameters, such as curve-fitting options and acceptance criteria, can be locked by an administrator to ensure consistency between different users during data evaluation.
All software actions, such as changes in acceptance criteria or exclusion of data points, are logged within an audit trail.

Extend your platform’s capabilities

The intuitive Gyrolab software helps to speed up assay development, run the entire system simply and analyze data with ease. The software modules for Gyrolab platforms are designed for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, so you can use them from research through to regulated GxP environments, transferring assays between laboratories with confidence.


Gyrolab Viewer

Gyrolab Viewer software

Gyrolab Viewer visualizes the binding response of each data point. Accessed from within Gyrolab Evaluator, the binding profile is displayed together with sample and run data. You can compare binding profiles and compare samples run under the same conditions on different CDs. You can quality-control data by investigating outliers and troubleshoot during development or routine analysis.



Gyrolab ADA Software

Gyrolab ADA Software

Gyrolab anti-drug antibody (ADA) software module leads you smoothly through a standard ADA immunoassay workflow. The software ensures trouble-free assay development and validation, ADA screening, and confirmatory analysis. You can define the preferred cut point formula and view results according to predefined acceptance criteria and cut point. The software will help your confirmatory analysis by displaying results according to your acceptance criteria and confirmatory cut point, and highlight any samples that fall outside.


Gyrolab Affinity Software

Gyrolab Affinity SoftwareGyrolab Affinity Software module facilitates the design and evaluation of in-solution affinity experiments. The Affinity Design Type module guides you in setting up the affinity experiment which involves defining the Affinity Series i.e. the number of interacting pairs and their concentration series. Once the affinity samples have reached equilibrium, an automated Gyrolab Affinity analysis run measures the response of unbound interactant in each sample. The Affinity Evaluator Software generates affinity curves from the run results which are fitted according to a selected interaction model. The affinity summary page presents fitted curves, KD values, calculated (active) concentrations of fixed or variable interactants, and their confidence intervals.

Affinity curves can be used to compare affinity series originating from different interaction pairs or assay variants. Multiple curves from one interaction pair can be analyzed to obtain globally fitted parameters.


Gyrolab Report

Gyrolab Control Report

Gyrolab Control Report generates 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, non-editable raw data reports after each run, and stores results electronically to help you meet regulatory requirements.





Gyrolab LIMS interface

LIMSThe LIMS interface module enables full integration of Gyrolab systems into a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in compliance with GxP requirements. The module enables a fully automated process where the entire setup is controlled by LIMS, which communicates with the instrument via a web interface. Alternatively, Gyrolab LIMS interface provides options to transfer sample information from LIMS to Gyrolab using LIMS sequence files, including a direct transfer from LIMS into the Gyrolab database.




Gyrolab software modules
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