Gyrolab® Software

Gyrolab software: 
Productivity at home, office, or lab.

Gyrolab software suite is designed for optimum workflows.

Gyrolab xPand and Gyrolab xPlore instruments are delivered with an easy to use, pre-installed
software suite providing the functionality to design, run, execute, and analyze automated microfluidic

Gyrolab software is optimized for productivity in and out of the laboratory. Gyrolab Manager is used
to plan and set up runs in the lab or remote, Gyrolab Control integrates and automates workflows,
and Gyrolab Evaluator provides the power to analyze data and generate reports.


Gyrolab software modules


All Gyrolab software programs and modules are designed to meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, ensuring
straightforward assay development and transfer within regulated environments.



Gyrolab LIMS Interface

Software module to integrates Gyrolab system into a LIMS workflow.
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Gyrolab Control Report

Enables automatic generation of 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, non-editable, raw data report after each run.
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Gyrolab Viewer

Provides access to binding profiles of each data point directly from within Gyrolab Evaluator.
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Gyrolab ADA Software

Enables analysis of anti-drug antibodies using Gyrolab CDs. Supports ADA assay workflow through development and validation to screening and confirmatory analysis.
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Gyrolab Affinity Software

Enables Affinity software module from Gyrolab Evaluator.
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Gyrolab Software Simulator Package

Laptop computer with a full installation of all Gyrolab software in a simulated instrument software environment. Include Gyrolab User Licenses (P0004955).
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Gyrolab Software Validation Package

Documentation package with requirements and test specifications for Gyrolab Manager, Gyrolab Control, and Gyrolab Evaluator.
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