Gyrolab® Custom Assay Services

Gyrolab Custom Assay Services — Overview

Gyros Protein Technologies offers customized assay services to remove bottlenecks in assay development, accelerating your workflow on the Gyrolab platform. Our services allow you to reach your biologics development goals faster. Your assay will be in the hands of our highly experienced scientists who understand the best approaches to optimizing assays for Gyrolab platform. We have assisted customers with screening conditions for buffer, capture reagent, detection reagent, CD type, and run parameters for several decades, and we are now excited to offer assay development as a service.

Gyrolab Biomolecule Labeling Services

Conjugating biomolecules with biotin or Alexa Fluor® 647 fluorophore is a key step to developing a robust Gyrolab assay. Gyros Protein Technologies can provide a high level of experience in labeling to produce a biotin- or Alexa Fluor 647-conjugated reagent for capture or detection reagent in Gyrolab assays. 


Gyrolab Assay Development Services

If a ready-to-use assay is needed for your biologic development program, Gyros Protein Technologies can provide a fully qualified assay using a rigorous assay development process. Our experienced scientists can ensure the best assay conditions and assay performance, and our efficient assay development service can expedite time to assay validation for your biotherapeutic development program.


Gyrolab Custom Kit Development 

Gyros Protein Technologies offers the convenience of the development and manufacturing of custom kits for your assay needs. Custom assay kits are a convenient, ready-to-use solution that combines the reliable performance of Gyrolab Kits with customized solutions for your lab.



Overview of Custom Assay Services deliverables


  Labeling/Assay Development Custom Kit
Alexa 647 labeling
CoA for labeled reagents
Dilution/aliquotation to ready-to-use concentration (single use vials)
Dilution of standard curve (pre-diluted in strips)
Detailed Instruction to Use
Optimization of assay
Development of production process to ensure consistent performance batch-to-batch  
Quality control of reagents  




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